Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bog Standard

Huffle had to work today. I had a lovely lie-in as the boys are still off from school. Smallest asked me how long before they had to go back. He was disappointed he had to go back on Monday. He said he has enjoyed just ' chilling.

The sun was out all day thought I was still really cold, not that we knew much about it because we didn't go out until evening when Huffle, Smallest and I went out for a Hamlet walk. We had a check on MrsRoyals garden as she was worried her hydrangea bush was squashed but we didn't think it was. Just a misinformed neighbour telling fibs I think. The tree people had cleared up their stuff and you can hardly tell a tree was there now. We walked for a while playing follow the leader. Smallest was in a very silly mood.

I spent the day vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the kitchen cupboards, washing, drying, folding and tidying. The boys did a few chores for me including vacuuming the skirting boards (perfect for Smallest who is at that perfect height but not so easy for Small who has too far to bend) in between playing on their tablets and the XBox.

Nice to see little men at work

For dinner I emptied the fridge of all leftovers and we had buffet style. A bit of a strange mix but nice.

After dinner we all played Home You Go and watched TV. Huffle and I watched The Pottery Throwdown. Fabulous. Wish I could make my own toilet!


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