Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Kids went to school with no coats. Definitely getting warmer now. I can smell Spring. Please no more snow.

Huffle worked in the loft and I went off to work in the greenhouse with Jeff, Pat and Jan. Lots of potting on for the next show in a week or so. Lots of potting up seedlings. For coffee break we had a lovely lemon square. Ummm I have that recipe, maybe time for some.

I came home for lunch with Huffle and we sat and watched some of Gotham. We are both so tired. My fault for not sleeping well or snoring or waking up. Don't know why!

This afternoon I crocheted whilst Facetimeing Moo. We chatted for ages and she saw the boys come home. Not that they spoke really as they were playing basketball but they managed a wave to two. Small has a trip tomorrow to the Toronto University with school for Inevtion Convention. His class had to invent something and make it. Today the teachers got to vote the best three inventions to go to the uni. Tomorrow he will present his invention to the students. How exciting. His invention is a floor cleaning product you attach to shoes.

I made dinner with the help of my little chef. We made chicken nuggets with some very chunky breadcrumbs and Leek sausages with mash and vegetables. The boys chose the dinner. Nice.

After dinner we set about making the KubKars. Huffle cut wood and sanded. Small sanded, glued, marked wood and painted. Smallest sanded and painted and I painted (lots). We did really well. Smallest's just need some fine tuning, the wheels and weights adding and varnishing. Small's needs a last bit of paint, varnishing, a bit more gluing and the wheels and weights adding. We worked tirelessly until about 8:45pm.

All the pieces ready for asembley

Very tired. Need sleep. Busy day tomorrow.



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