Thursday, 23 March 2017

Shirriff vs Angel Delight

A good night's sleep for both of us and I woke up still feeling a bit poorly and groggy but a bit better.

I had a FaceTime with Yahoo while I finished my morning coffee. We had a nice chat and catch up.

Suffolk came round for a cup of tea and a bit of a sew. She pointed me in the right direction for the next stage of the blinds and helped me unpick a side I had sewn too wide, measure and hold material up to windows. I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon sewing, ironing and pinning ready for the next stage.

MrBasement came and did a few 'fixings' for us and looked at what job we are going to get done this year. After lots of discussion, we decided on the main bathroom. Huffle and I have to look for what we want and let him know once we have chosen or purchased. We are finally taking our bathroom out of the 1980's where it has firmly been since it was last updated and bringing it into the present. How exciting.

The boys came home, climbed the wood chip pile (I got told off the other day for moving some of them as it has ruined their structure!), played basketball and finally came in to say hello and tell me about their day. Smallest has joined the basketball team but couldn't go to the first tournament because it clashed with his football. Hopefully he can play in the next one, at least he will continue to practice with the team. Small keeps forgetting his Graduation Photos that have already been taken despite him not graduating until June.

Small vacuumed all my material bits and thread up and Smallest took all the laundry up and they played on the XBox together while I cleared away and made dinner. Huffle came and helped when he finished work.

Moo and Grandma and Grandad bring the boys a supply of Angel Delight as we can't get it over here. It's not something we have regularly (you'll be pleased to hear Yahoo!) but the kids like it every now and then. The other day while I was out shopping I saw a box of Shirriff Instant Mousse and it looked very similar to the stuff of the 70's that we were brought up on. This evening after dinner, Smallest decided to make some. We played a game of Ghostly Galleon (a very old favourite game) while we waited for it to be set. Angel Delight it was not. Mousse it definitely was not although Smallest took it out of the fridge before it stated you should. There was nothing Moussey about it at all. It was very sweet and artificial tasting. Oh well, keep the supplies coming FamilyUK please.

Smallest and Huffle played FIFA this evening and Small and I watched TV, wound wool and played on tablets.

Huffle and I watched The Pottery Throwdown and I stupidly looked at Facebook and ruined who had won. I was so annoyed at myself. I should know better. Won't say who won in case I ruin it for Aunty A. Going to miss this programme though.


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