Friday, 24 March 2017

Turtles Wanted

I slept really well apparently, though Huffle didn't because I was all stuffed up and snored. Whoops. Sorry Huffle. My throat has turned into a full blown cold now. I can cope with a cold. Smallest also has a cold. Let's get rid of these bugs before Grandma and Grandad get here.

Kids went to school, Huffle worked in the loft and I went off to knitting. I spent the majority of my time helping other people as I threw my ball of wool into my coffee. Well to be fair it jumped off the table and into the mug. I have never blocked a sock before I have knitted it. I had to wash the wool and dry it. This is where I learned that Kitchen Roll is not a word here as the table giggled at my use of the words. Paper Towel is the correct name. I didn't tell them that in our house we called it Poly Roll which was from a school friends name for it. That then started a conversation about loo Roll and what everyone called it. Toilet Paper here.

Suffolk and I went for lunch, a quick shop and then back home to work out what had to be done next on the blinds. The silly billy left her phone here and the only way I could contact her was through her daughter and Snapchat. I knew it was useful for something other than making silly faces and voices.

I sewed until the kids came home and when Huffle finished work we went out for dinner near where Suffolk lived and delivered her phone back to her. The boys had played in the basement before we went out and had an argument and a fight and were sent to their rooms. They apologised to each other but both are bickering and picking at each other constantly at the moment. They sat in the car in silence not looking at each other at all.


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