Friday, 31 March 2017

How many buttons does it take to turn off Corro?

I had to get up earlier than normal because Small needed to get to school for 8am in order to go off for MathOlympics. His original intention was to walk but it was horrible and wet and rainy and still a bit snowy. I decided to give him a lift but had to do so in my PJ's. Would never have done that in the UK. Smallest went on the bus with an extra piece of cake for MissMoll who apparently ate it at first snack and left a load of crumbs in her classroom. Smallest gave her the bigger piece by mistake.

I left Grandma and Grandad home alone as Huffle also went into the office today. Grandma had material to iron and undo and dinner to make and Grandad had engineering things to deal with in regard to the KubKars. I had to go to school to deliver the music for Smallest's talent show audition which didn't happen after all. Then I went off to knitting. Today we met ShopkeeperEl's boyf who I made the Liverpool cake for. The reason for the cake (apart from his birthday) was that he never gets Birthday cakes. Well yesterday his workmates bought him a cake and it had a Liverpool badge on it (just a printed one, not a hand cut one). El couldn't believe it!

Suffolk and I went for lunch today in a really nice Gluten Free restaurant. It was fabulous. We had a lovely waiter and great food. Leek and Chick Pea Soup which was so creamy considering there was no dairy and was Gluten free. We had a lovely time, it was nice to be like real grown-ups though we laughed a lot and were very silly. She had too much sugar in her dessert and we had to walk around to get it out of her syste. She was as silly as a ship. We popped into a shop that sold handmade goods, among other things, and Suffolk got into a conversation with the owner about us selling some stuff in there. She asked us to make things, bring them in and she would see if she wanted to sell them. Suffolk has already starting making things.

Funny tea contraptions. Made us giggle but very effective

I picked up some essentials and went home to dinner cooking, material ironed and undone and KubKars weighted. Very productive house. Huffle was home from the office too. The boys varnished the kars and we all had dinner.

Suffolk bought Smallest some Salt n vinegar crickets. Yes, real ones but dead. Grandad and Smallest ate on each 'I'm a Celebrity stylee'

Huffle and I had to go out this evening for a meeting at the new Football club. We watched a slide show explaining where the money goes and what you could and couldn't say. No shouting at the refs. Only positive comments to the team. No complaining to the coaches and if there is a complaint we have to wait for 48hours. It was a good meeting overall and Huffle agreed with everything they said except for them saying that they believed the reason for them having so many of their past players on the national team was down to the players being open to playing in different positions. He feels that they should worry about that more when their national team is doing better.

Back home we heard that we had a visit from MrsJazz who asked Smallest if his Mum was in. He said yes and went to get me before he remembered I wasn't there and he sent her away. She came with tickets for the Jazz in the Hamlet too. Silly bear!

We watched Gardeners World. Lovely.


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