Monday, 20 March 2017

No Fizzy Water

Back to school. Back to a routine. Back to being busy busy busy.

Before Huffle and I went to bed last night, we rescued Smallest's new alarm clock as it was going off at 9pm. We tried to reset it but it seems to have a mind of its own. We changed the batteries, changed the time, changed the alarm setting but it goes off when it wants. This is the second one as well as the first one didn't tell the time at all. Oh well, back to the shop it goes.

When Smallest woke up he wondered where his clock was but still managed to get up in time, then he woke Small and then he woke me. Lunch was prepared, bags were packed and tablets played on while they waited for their bus. I think Maurice is back as the bus was on time and she waved at me. I couldn't see it was her but none of the others ever waved.

I left Huffle working and drove off to pick up Di for a morning of Crochet at Mim's beautiful house set in 100 acres. I should call her Winnie the Pooh. She had baked a Banana Loaf with Skor bits in (note for future it was yummy). Today we did some monkey crochet and I started Miche off with a small basket. We are actually making baskets next week but she won't be there. Mim's finished a beautiful blanket and started a new one. Di managed to finish her monkey head and was working on the body. They are doing so well.

I had ten minutes to spare to get my exercise stuff together and had my one on one session with ExerciseNic. We had a week off so today hurt and I tweaked something in my leg. We worked hard.

This afternoon Huffle went off to the dentist for a clean and check. No cavities though he did bite the dentist when he asked him to bite down and forgot his finger was still in his mouth. I iced the second lemon cake. Buttercream inside and a lemon drizzle on top. I chopped up fruit and put water in bottles. All for the Gaden Club Meeting this evening. I then made a Carrot and Lentil Soup and used some Chilli Oil to sautée the onions. It made a nicely warming soup which we had for dinner.

The boys came home and ran up and down the wood chip pile before coming in. Smallest had a drum to make out of cardboard and cans and made a start as soon as he came in. Small just sat and ate his yoghurt and chatted to me about his day and mine. He is such a nice person to talk to when he isn't mumbling. He is always interested in what I have done. It seems natural for him to ask about my day which is really good. Hope it continues. He also asked me lots of 'what is the capital of....' and was amazed at how many I knew. We asked Huffle the same ones and he knew plenty too.

MrsPiano came and the boys had their lessons. Both have new pieces to practice and she left us with a CD of some Monestry Choir to listen to. That's when we realised we don't own a CD Player anymore. We have the computer and we have our cars, but thats it. We have our IPod and blue tooth speakers or radio. Never thought of it before.

All the boys played FIFA on the XBox while I went to the Garden Club. Tonight was a talk about Bees. It was very good and the speaker was very passionate. We got to try honey, feel a bee suit, hold a frame and look at a smoker as well as find out which plants were beneficial for our gardens and hear lots of interesting and funny stories.

Garfunkel and I were in charge of refreshments. My lemon cake, melon and lemon water (we should have brought fizzy water but Garfunkel asked me to get it and I thought she was getting it and Huffle said he would carbonate our water with his own gas!!!!), however they liked the idea of lemon water in a nice glass jug. Garfunkel made an apple cheesecake and oatmeal cookies. Very good cheesecake, I didn't get a cookie. I met a new vegetable Gardener who moved in across the road and was asked to make a cake for a lady's Mum this weekend. I declined because of having too much on right now but I am going to make one for her in April.

During the Summer there is going to be a Garden Tour and we had to volunteer for tasks we would be willing to do. Someone inadvertently volunteered Huffle for three tasks (one of which was hostess). We found out it was the person whose name was above his. I sorted it. Also because I added Grandad to my membership his name was down for volunteering too. I volunteered him for hosting the tea party (actually I scrubbed his name out).


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