Thursday, 30 March 2017

You're in big trouble!

Happy Birthday to my lovely little bear of ten today. Who would have thought the noisy little man who came into the world by Caesarian ten years ago, screaming the Operating Theatre down, making the first doctor faint and sending Huffle into the recovery room could turn into such a lovely boy. Smallest spent the next four years being more noisy and having the worst tantrums ever. When we moved to Canada he was four and he hated everything and then all of a sudden he changed overnight and became a lovely, kind, thoughtful, loving little boy. Don't get me wrong, he still has his moments but mainly he is joy to be around. He has a fabulous sense of humour if not a little sarcastic at times. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMALLEST.

Everyone but Huffle was up before me this morning. All were sitting around the breakfast table, watching Smallest play on his tablet. No cards or presents were opened and he decided he would leave it all to the weekend. Bless him. He thought that was when we would have more time but we had a little birthday tea for him and he opened them then. We had lots of messages for him on text, Facebook, what's app etc. Thank you.

Early morning ShopKeeperEl came round to collect her cake and was very happy with it. The boys nearly missed their bus due to the kitchen clock being slow. I went off to Suffolks for a sewing lesson. I learned what to do next with the blinds plus how to make a seam on a bag I want to make and tried lots of different threads on the blind material. I came home in time for lunch.

After lunch I made a Chocolate Cake and Grandma made some dough for the pizza later. She also made jellies this morning for our tea which incidentally Grandad had forgotten he had stored them in his shoes for the journey. Pooooeeeeee. Grandad sanded, weighted and varnished and unvarnished (because it wasn't allowed) the KubKar and squirted varnish everywhere!! All of us made Simpson characters out of fondant and added them to the cake. It wasn't a masterpiece (we made it from start to finish in about two hours) but it was tasty and he was happy with it.

It started snowing and settled a bit. We caught Grandad photographing the snow. Bloomin' tourists!

Our very first snowdrops. In the snow. How fitting
Grandad had a game of 'goalie' with Smallest.

The boys came home and had a FaceTime with CousinEl and CousinDyl and a visit from ClownRose, MissMoll and LittleFin. For th birthday tea we had Pizza, Garlic Bread, Pringles and Iced Gems. Jelly and Ice Cream and Birthday Cake. He finally opened his cards and presents too.

We ended the birthday evening with a game of cards. Newmarket. Grandad won and was allowed to saunter around the kitchen.

Later there was more weighing and geek discussion on the 18 wheeler and KubKar.


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