Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Lying Indian* and a Triangle Square

Yesterday I wrote about the fact I could smell Spring and hoped there would be no more snow PLEASE! This morning I woke up to a Special Weather Statement saying that on Thursday (tomorrow) we would get the last bit of snow and if not snow then rain and freezing rain. Well that's a rubbish start to Spring and a bad welcome to Grandma and Grandad. Hopefully it will have disappeared on its way from Texas.

The boys went to school and Small went on his Invention Convention to the Univesity of Toronto. He said there were lots of cool inventions there. He had a good time.

I went to aerobics and was just a little bit late and missed the holding up of the arms for too many minutes. What a shame ;). It was a good funny session as usual and I came home and made a start on the cake I was asked to make for ShopKeeperEl. Her boyf is a Liverpool Supporter. I made the cake and then realised I had used the wrong flour. We don't have a lot of Self Raising Flour here and I normally make do by using more baking powder but I specifically bought SR Flour. Luckily I wanted to make a cake to welcome Grandma and Grandad so I just made another using the correct Flour. Both cakes went into the oven and I sat and watched Broadchurch while it baked and cooled.

I got it cooled, cut and butter creamed before Huffle came down for lunch. We had lunch watching part of a Gotham episode and then I carried on decorating the cake. It didn't take me too long and I was finished by about 2:30pm. It took me ages to clear up my mess and have a shower.

Huffle went off to the airport to pick up G&G (they had been upgraded and landed 15 minutes early) and the boys came home and played basketball before coming in. Smallest and I had dinner early because of football practice. We left Small at home for football. At the end the whole team sang Happy Birthday to him.

When we got back Huffle was there with his airport pickups. Dinner had been eaten and suitcases were being opened. We had a 'few' treats.

Plus two packets of Percy pigs

We won't be eating breakfast in this table tomorrow.

*an Indian man in front of Grandma on the flight, kept putting his chair back too far squashing her. Grandad made him spill his drink several times and swore at him. Grandma thought the pilot landed too quickly (she is an expert now).

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