Monday, 27 March 2017

Marvel of Stoke!

Monday morning. Oh already?

The boys went to school. Huffle hid in the loft working while my crochet ladies came for a lesson. Just two of them this week. One carried on with her monkey and wrote down the pattern we were working on and the other started a basket. Next week we are making a slouchy hanging basket and in the meantime we have found a pattern for a lovely blanket and their homework is to make lots of little circles and when we have plenty, we will work on putting them together. Very exciting as the finished blanket is just beautiful. I have to make one too.

From atty_s blog

Huffle came downstairs for lunch and I went off to my exercise class. Just me again. My own personal trainer. She does work me hard though and although we had a laugh, it was tough. At one point I couldn't get up to do my last sit up and she said I was 'buffering'.

Back home I had my lunch and tidied away all crocheting stuff before having my shower. Small came home from school without Smallest as he was in a basketball tournament that we had forgotten about. Small offered to walk back to school and bring Smallest back with him (as long as that was counted as a chore). Off he went and then shortly after I realised they had piano lessons. I drove to the school and watched the basketball for about half an hour. MrsPiano, who is a teacher at the school, took Small back to our house and I took Smallest when he was finished playing. He actually didn't get to play much today because he was one of the younger ones. I told him he would have a better chance next year and at least he has had a go. He was happy with that. MrsPiano didn't get back much before we did.

Piano lessons done while I made dinner. After dinner, Huffle and the boys went to Cubs and Scouts and cut their KubKars and 18wheelers (Huffle helped). We are hoping Grandad will do the next technical bit and I will help with the artwork later. When they came home we designed on paper. Smallest is doing his in a Stoke City badge and Small is doing a Marvel theme.



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