Saturday, 18 March 2017

Got things blown at me!


I didn't sleep well because my silly mind was on cakes. How I was going to construct them, what I was going to make, what tins etc etc. BORING!!!!! What a Wally!

This morning we had Stoke v Chelsea (2-1 lost) on the main TV and Leicester v West Ham (3-2 win) on Huffle's tablet while I made a cake. As I have been asked to make a lemon cake for a Liverpool Supporter I thought I would try a new recipe from one of my Great British Bake Off books. I baked it in a Swiss roll tin hoping it would be big enough to make it into a football shirt. Unfortunately I couldn't get it out of the tin without it falling apart but it tasted very very nice so much later I sandwiched it together with some lemon buttercream and we had some for our tea. Huge success. Everyone loved it, even Huffle who is not a Lemon fan. I made a crochet basket too.

For dinner we went out for a burger in the local town. Why is it that everywhere we go, it's always my meal that's wrong. I asked for mayo and I got mustard. They were very good and made me another one. I think it was a combination of my accent and it being written down wrong. I like their burgers because they are made of beans and rice and no soya or pretend meat and it's not a chain. We even fit in a very quick game of Monopoly Deal.

While we were out we picked up some baking ingredients for another cake and wandered around Walmart while the boys played on the gadgets. We were looking for ideas for Smallest's birthday which is soon but he doesn't know what he wants. I picked up a new crochet hook (a mahoosive one) and some big wool.

At home we emptied my car of rubbish (been meaning to do that for ever) and put our shopping away. The boys all played FIFA and I made cake No2. This one is for the Garden Club Meeting on Monday where I volunteered to help Garfunkel make the refreshments. I made another lemon Sponge but this time in a square tin. It looks okay, obviously we can't try this one but tomorrow I will attempt to cut it in half and add buttercream to see how well it stands up so I know whether it can make the birthday cake in it.

I crocheted another basket with my huge hook and wool and we all watched Robot Wars and Saturday Night Take Away with a slice of cake. No photos of this one because it was not aesthetically pleasing but was sooo tasty. Possibly one of the best cakes I have ever made. So lemony.

This evening Huffle and I watched Snowden. WOW!


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