Sunday, 26 March 2017

The present of tidiness

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY UK MUMS and Moo and Grandma obviously. I'm afraid it is not Mothers Day here though I did mention it to my children this morning. One of which, Smallest, looked horrified that he might have forgotten and the other just shrugged and said "oh well, you'll have to wait till Canadian Mothers Day". When I asked for a present they told me I could have the present of tidiness as I had just written a long list of all things I needed tidying or cleaning before we sat and watched the England v Lithuania football match.

We started cleaning at 10am and everyone worked very hard. We even managed to get showers in too. Beds have been changed and made. Small has moved his stuff out of his room and into the loft, including his TV and Grandma and Grandad have a nice clean room to stay in. All bathrooms are clean and everywhere has been dusted and swiffed. We only had time for a cursory mop but the house is ready for a Royal visit.

At midday we stopped for the game and fit in our lunch at half time.

This afternoon we took Smallest to his football practice. One and a half hours of gruelling drills, formats and mini games. He was exhausted but loved it.

We went out for dinner afterwards to a new pub we haven't been in before. There wasn't much for me, salad was the only veggie option really but the food was tasty and nicely cooked.

We came home and the boys played on their tablets while I made a Banana Loaf for tomorrow's Crochet Lesson which is here in the morning and I made some Gingerbread for Huffle and for Smallest's birthday.

Smallest's fish are settling in nicely. Smallest switched on their light when he got up and waited for me to get up before he fed them. Arnie likes eating but PeterCrouch is fussy. We caught them trying to antagonise each other (I suppose they could be kissing but it's unlikely). At one stage it looked like Arnie bit PeterCrouchs nose through one of the tiny holes (I'm not sure they have noses or whether it is even possible as the holes are really small).


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