Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Whittle me some drumsticks

Boys went to school. Huffle worked and painted whilst listening to a very long call. I went off to the Greenhouse and potted on loads of succulents. For coffee break Jan made us a lovely Decadent Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake with Pecans. OMG Heaven. I ended up leaving earlier than normal because we ran out of things to do and Jeff was out. So instead, when I got home, I collected ten wheelbarrow loads of wood chips and filled the paths on the front garden and a couple of the veggie beds paths. Looking better. It's going to take much much more but I stopped for lunch with Huffle.

We watched a Gotham while eating. I FaceTimed Moo and pinned together my blinds, caught up on all Moo gossip and shared mine and then I sewed two of the three linings to the main material. I ran out of time as the boys came home but I am pleased with my progress, despite it taking me since Autumn to get this far.

Before the boys came into the house, they played on the woodchip pile (well why wouldn't you?) and then played basketball with Smallest's football until Huffle came down and gave them their basketballs and pumped them all up. They had a good play, came in, sorted their bags, chatted, chored and played on their tablets and Xbox while I made dinner. Tonight I made omelette. Not had one for ages. Yum

After dinner Smallest and I made his percussion music centre as a project for school and Huffle whittled two drum sticks. What an excellent job.

Huffle made monogrammed drum sticks. We had three drums filled with chick peas and decorated with rubber bands and drawings and stickers. A guitar of rubber bands. A scratcher from the inside of a pizza box and a shaker from a can with dried peas in it. All beautifully decorated.

The boys played on the Xbox and Huffle and I tidied and cleaned the kitchen and did some paperwork.

I am not feeling 100%. Very sore throat, tired (too many late nights and early mornings?), weary and achey (exercise?). Going to bed early to get some rest.


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