Saturday, 1 April 2017

Vroom vroom peanut oil

Smallest's KubKar was being modified this morning as it was too heavy once the wheels were put on. We obviously put on too much varnish. Grandad got to work immediately. Once that was finished, he had to work on Small's 18 wheeler as that was far too heavy. Unfortunately we ended up taking it apart so Grandad could get inside and amend the heavy weights. That was still under construction until later as Small doesn't race until tomorrow midday.

Breakfast was eaten in front of the Leicester v Stoke game. 2-0. Excellent. The Stoke fans were very quiet. The Leicester fans rejoiced in a dignified manner. After the game there was fighting in the away stand between two young boys and old man.

We went out for dinner at a local(ish) pub. We played FISH until our food came. After dinner we drove back to the Hamlet for the Cubs KubKar race. We registered at 2pm and were still waiting at 3pm to race. Still it was entertaining watching the geeks, voting for the cars and chatting. The cub leader told us a secret (too late to use) that Peanut Oil was the best lubricant to use and not WD40. We will register that for next year and for Small's race. There were only three Cubs in the Hamlet Race and Smallest came third. He could have won in design but he chose to enter the speed category. He has to go back next week for the finals.

We finally got home about 4:30pm, had a piece of a cake and a cup of tea and Huffle and the boys played football. Grandad got on with finishing Small's lorry and I cleaned out Arnie and PeterCrouch. We have to change 50% of their water every week but there was so much uneaten food on the gravel that I decided to start again. I don't know whether they have forgotten they were friends again but they started fighting as soon as I put them back in. Naughty boys.

This evening we watched Saturday Night Takeaway (honestly what drivel, apart from the Dermot bit).

Funny things that occurred today: when we arrived in the very full car park for KubKars, Smallest said "why isn't anyone here?" Grandad and I looked at each confused. We have no idea why he couldn't see a car park full of cars. Silly Small.

Huffle set the telescope up for us to look at the moon. Grandma looked, ooh and Ahhed, stepped away and nearly knocked the telescope over. Silly Grandma.

Watching TV where a dog was on screen and we heard this funny whining. Grandad had fallen asleep and was snoring!






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