Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wot a guy!

Our offer has been accepted. WAHOOOOOOOOO. We've really gone and done it now. We've bought a house in Canada. For those of you who wondered if we were really going to make this move - I think you have the answer.

We signed our house papers. The system works very differently here in Canada. We have signed an agreement that says we will buy this house no matter what, i.e. if our UK house purchase falls through, tough cookie, we're committed now. Which is why we have a Mortgage Advisor who we met today. She will assist us, in not only finding the best mortgage, but also finding us help for if our uk house doesn't sell immediately or takes longer than anticipated.

Wot a Guy (Harry Enfield did a sketch featuring a couple of tourists from America - we met someone today who reminded us of him).
We had a lovely walk around one of the smaller towns here and met an old guy called Bill who told us about his piano, how he woo's the girls, how he worked in London, England for some time. And then he told us it all again, and again and again. He kept asking "and where are you from?" he kept forgetting, bless him, however he did recommend a shop that was like a little treasure trove. Full of second hand clothes, sporting equipment, (we managed to buy an old baseball catching glove), crockery, toys (picked up some really cheap bionicals for The Boys, oddments of material, wools etc. It was amazing and a place I will definitely be visiting again, and again and again. Btw, Bill was 84, I guess you're allowed to forget things and repeat yourself a lot if you get to that age!

Now we need to sort out National Insurance Numbers, Credit ratings, dates of completion etc etc etc, then it's off to the Mall to suss out the shops here.


Mary Ann said...

Where is this store...??????

Good news about the house...one big thing done:)

famfa said...

Old town Stouffville. Care and share thrift shop was it's name but don't tell too many. I want the treasures for myself.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mr and Mrs Famfa that's it, your really going! Can't wait to hear/ see piccies of the new house. Congratulations. Hope you enjoyed visiting the schools. See you soon loads of love Yahoo xxx

Mary Ann said...

It's our secret:)