Monday, 17 October 2011

Deer, Drawings and Dring Dring

Today we went to Bradgate Park.  Home of Lady Jane Grey.  800+ acres of unspoilt countryside in the heart of Leicestershire.  Beautiful.  One of the places we have to visit before we leave the UK.   However I forgot the card in my camera so had to use Small's camera - a good one but not as powerful as mine.  So that means we will HAVE to go back again before we leave.

Cold boys - windy and rainy

Oh Deer

Smallest and his scooter on the way to Old John

This morning Smallest was doing some portrait sketches of Huffle and I.

Drawing Daddy - how much hair?  Are you sure?

Mummy, with a big tummy, big ears, big nose and scruffly hair - NICE!

Daddy with many noses, which is interesting because he can never smell anything!!

We have had many people ring us today with quotes for shipping, Realtor requests, Solicitor requests, witness signatures to get.  And I'm still sooooooooooooooo tired.

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