Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pooh, Presents, Party

We don't think we are getting the 100 Acre Wood house - Winnie the Pooh is asking for too much money so our Realtor is looking at another place for us on a farm.  Keep you updated when we know anymore.


It was the 'Village' Farmers Market today so off we trotted (the boys scooted) to have a look.  We managed to pick up a couple of Christmas presents (sshhhhh can't say!)  and the boys got a scooter lesson.

Smallest fell of a few times.  His scooter has three wheels and these were two wheeler ones - He managed pretty well though.  Just came away with a few bruises.  Small thought it was great and manouvered really well around the course.

On the way home Small and I saw a car we really liked

Then it was a few sticks in the stream

And back using their new found skills

Then we went off to Cousin M's 21st Birthday Party.

Cousin M and Grandad

Aunt Pear had made a HUGE dinner for us all - a proper sit down full Sunday Dinner with about six veggies, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, chicken, beef, yorkshire pud, gravy, cauli cheese - the works - it was lovely.  There were about twenty of us as well.

HB videod the day

Smallest was an Elephant!

Small had much fun with the party poppers

Tons of puddings, and cheese and biscuits and birhday cake - I think I may POP!

Aunt Pear trying to burn the house down again!

Can you see Cousin M as a grumpy toddler?

We played a card game called Woppit which we all cheated at.  Pass the Parcel with forfeits (of course) and a treasure hunt for the kids.

Small Cousin El and Cousin D

Pass the Parcel

Mrs Brownie helping Small blow up his balloons

That's right Mrs Brownie - you did it
Smallest with Cousin M - Ahhhhhhhh

And all great Parties at Aunt Pears house end in a PILE ON!
Quick burst of fireworks

And a group photo

Great Day


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