Thursday, 13 October 2011

Down to Earth with a Flump

OMG. how tired are we?

As promised here are the photos from our trip:-

This is our new house

Our new garden

Back of new house


Look at those Autumn Fall colours

Look very closely - there is a Chipmunk on our new lawn

WOW - that was a small lake near where we were driving

Same lake - beautiful

A lovely old cinema in Uxbridge

Hummer - Huffle's favourite

Now that's more my favourite

Risotto Balls and Sweet Potato Fries from Picked Squirrell Pickle Barrell

Basa and Salmon meals

Well you gotta try these things - we did share them - and we took some back to the Hotel

Halloween Costumes in Walmart

Me with a Beaver

Huffle with a Moose (Its not me)

The funniest Butternut Squash I have EVER seen

Gourds everywhere

It's nearly Halloween - any one for a pumpkin?

Ummm - BIG Ice-creams


Huffle on the WRONG side of the tracks

A sign on the wall at the Boys new school

Well Hello there Mr Tree and how are you today?

Wot a Guy!

This was the Apple store and lots of people had left post-it notes to Mr Apple (Steve Jobs)

I left one too - mine is the orange one in the middle (we call our Ipad a PAG - we don't know why!)
Dessert at Jack Astors

Just been to parents' evening at school.  Both boys doing well. We were very pleased. Their teachers said they will help in whatever way they can to make the transition fromUK to Canada as painless as possible, so that's nice.

We have spent most of the day sorting out paperwork regarding the two houses, one we're selling and one we're buying.  I can't believe how much post there has been while we've been away.

Just had the quote through from the Shipping people - aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - that's our budget gone then!


Anonymous said...

Dear Famfa
I am an avid follower of both of your blogs but I don’t usually comment, although I am the one that is always hassling you for your blog updates, as this truly is my daily reading.
The trip to Canada looks and sounds out of this world, and the new house in Canada “OMG” looks absolutely fantastic. I’m so excited for you and your family, and think this just such an opportunity. Xx

Sarah Tomson said...

Your new house looks gorgeous and just like the ones you see in the movies i can see why you have chosen it!

fab that the boys are doing so well at school and really nice of the teachers to say they'll help them as much as they can, perhaps they'll have some chipmunk and beaver lessons!