Monday, 10 October 2011

Limping Llama on the Lawn!

Today we looked at four properties. None of them quite right. Three of them very wrong and one just too much work to do. One of them was next door to an Animal Hospital and I could envisage poorly Llamas limping across our lawn awaiting treatment from the vets. (hence the title of today's post).

We went back to two of the properties we visited yesterday and decided to put in an offer on the one we really really liked (actually we absolutely loved it).

Anyway to cut a long story short, our Realtor put our offer to the houseowners, they told her a figure they wanted, then told us, we said that was okay. WAHOOOOOOOOO.

Will let you know officially when we know.

Have appointed a Mortgage Broker.

Have filled out our Realtor forms.

Off to look at the school tomorrow that the boys will be going to.

Today we did alot of driving around. We went into the back of beyond - it was AWESOME. Beautiful colours on the trees with the amazing blue of the sky. Gorgeous lakes.

We saw our first Beaver.

We also saw a sign that indicated that turtles were likely to cross the road. Awww cool. We didn't see any though. Shame.

Had a lovely dinner at Shoeless Joes, watched a bit of American Footy and Baseball. I had a veggie flatbread and Huffle had a Steak Sandwich.

We even bumped into Huffle's new boss and his family!

Oh yes, and we had the biggest ice cream we have ever had, and believe me, we have had a few ice creams in our time. Yum!

Weather here has been about 27 degrees, which is unusually warm for this time of year, however it is supposed to rain Wednesday ( is that when we are coming home? Oh sorry about that!).

Spoke to Aunty A today who is in Vancouver. She is having a wonderful time. I can't wait to see her pics.


Sarah Tomson said...

Enjoying reading about your trip so much that i wasn't concentrating when i picked my coffee up and its now all down me! ouch!

Sounds like you are having a fab time sussing out the area can't wait to see the pics

Great news that you've managed to find a house too, yippee! and loving the idea of a giant ice cream not quite the weather here though!

famfa said...

Thanks Sarah. Sorry about your coffee. Maybe you should use a straw. Got so many pics to put on. Can't quite believe it's been so hot. We keep telling the locals we brought it with us and we're taking it right back too.