Saturday, 29 October 2011

Night out with Playdoh

Popped into the Estate Agents yesterday and while I sat there, they rang the buyer of our house.  We have agreed a date of 18th November (hopefully we will be exchanging on Monday).

The shippers have been told of our new moving date too.

Once we have signed the relevant papers and sent them back to Realtor, we will be able to move into our House in Canada on the 15th November.  HURRAH - so we will be in there for Christmas - phew what a relief.


Last night I had a wonderful night out with my friends from Playdoh (a lovely little group from the village where I took both boys as babies right up to school age).

Look how reserved they look??!!

Thanks for my present - it will keep me toasty warm

It was amazing.  The food was fabulous,

Garlic Mushroom with Stilton - Ummmmmmmm

Wild Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan Shaving - Yum

Meringue Stack - wasn't mine - but JM ate it all up!

Now this was mine - The chef made it espeially for us.  It was Baileys and Cholocate Tort and it was delightful.

Lovely Pair Pear Aunty J - she said it was juicy too!

........................ the company was engaging, Thanks Ladies.  The wine flowed well. 

This was what the table looked at at the end of the nigth!! tut tut

Thanks to Rach for organising it and getting me there and thank you to the other Rach and her chef of a husband for letting us use their fantastic pub.

All in all a brilliant night. 

Water, water everywhere....

Our Village has been without water since mid afternoon yesterday.  Poooooweeee.

We still don't have any water this morning.  Small and I have sore throats and Smallest has a barking cough. 

I think we'll be lounging all day today.

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