Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Zoo and Play

Yesterday Small went to the Zoo for a Birthday Party.  Here are some of his pictures:-

His friends Bomberdill and Little Big

O - who's birthday it was

I think this was a new friend they made
Small had a lot of fun - HAPPY BIRTHDAY O.

Today we had friends over to play.

Iz, Han and Smallest

Iz watering

Small and Han

Smallest Scooting

Iz shopping?

Two little sweet peas

Lovely day.

We sold some toys today and the estate agent rang to ask which of our white goods we were willing to sell to the house buyers.  They wanted the little play house but I've already sold that to my friend.  I did advise that we have two cars to sell if they were interested.  Huffle is now calling me Arthur Daly - that's not nice!

The Estate Agents also said that the solicitors were looking to exchange contracts at the end of this month - oooooooooh scary.

Tomorrow we have visits from the Surveyor and another Shipper.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, haven't visited in a while but just spent a few minutes reading the old posts. Congrats on both finding and selling your house in the time you had, that's amazing! Love the new pad, and yes, that three season room will be too cold for winter! My best tip for you is to buy a snow blower the minute you all get there, even if there's no snow on the ground... trust me, first sign of snow and the shops will all be sold out! Rural Ontario is a lot like rural Michigan, and it's amazing how quick you're in to it outside of the cities, unlike the UK where you're never truly rural. Exciting times ahead that's for sure. Hope the next few weeks so well for you all.

Take care