Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Shopping, Spelling and a Sports Medal

Today my wonderful friend Yahoo and I went to our local shopping park. We had coffee to start with, then perused, tried on and finally bought some lovely stuff. I bought a new handbag and  Yahoo bought me a lovely hair band to keep my ears warm in Canada.

This is Yahoo - she wasn't so shy this time - Miow

We had an enjoyable lunch and laughed and laughed and laughed. We sat in the middle of a restaurant and everyone looked at us because we couldn't stop laughing. We were discussing our 4 year olds and the fact that they are learning to read. They are using phonics and getting things muddled.  For instance, she says her daughter M was reading the word NIP, "what does that say M?" to which M spells it out, "n-i-p that spells nut". "No M it doesn't, try again." "N-i-p spells nut".

here we are trying on hats

Bless them, Smallest is just the same. "What does s-a-t spell, Smallest". "s-a-t spells urrrr pig". Smallest is also learning Mathematics. He informed me today that 1+1=1. ...and that is what his teacher told him!  Oh dear.  Parent's evening next week.

Just talking about these things makes us feel better. Knowing our children are exactly the same. They try, I know, one day they will get it.

Small won the medal today for good work in gymnastics. He gets to keep it all week. Tomorrow is achievement assembly so he will be showing it off there.

Huffle thinks I could be a Social Assasin (A social assassin is someone who doesn’t take rubbish from anyone and isn’t afraid to knock down social protocols - as seen on Curb your Enthusiasm this week)).  I seem to get into arguments with people for the silliest of reasons - I don't think it's my fault but theirs - but there you go.  I think Smallest is on his way to becoming one - he just told me I'm fat. I have a fat bum and a fat tummy.  Cheers little dude - time to go on a diet me thinks!

Huffle's work permit papers have been applied for.

Our Estate Agents tell us that it will probably be quiet for about a week so no new news there.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Famfa

Didn't we have a lovely day & what a giggle!! We've a new word now POP nope not PUT .. POP :-)

Enjoy your trip, can't wait to hear all about it. Oh, and very well done on the medal Small.

Loads of love Yahoo xx