Sunday, 2 October 2011

Croissants in the Caravan


We set off for Heacham, Norfolk, Friday afternoon, car full of football, frisbee, cricket bat, trunks, flip flops and presents and cards for Small (8th Birthday Saturday).

We arrived at the Caravan Park about 5.30pm, picked up the keys and found our caravan. Now let me tell you a little about Huffle and Me. We are people who like comfort, peace and quiet (hard to believe with two small boys), our own company, our own space, etc etc. Why oh why did we chose to come to a caravan park on a holiday complex?
Our Home for next two nights

We thought it would be fun, we promised the boy's we would take them to the seaside before we left for Canada, and it was Small's birthday.

Small's presents

Small did definitely enjoy it. Smallest liked some of it but not the beds at night and Huffle and I? Well we came home one day earlier just because we could't stand the noise of the entertainment any longer, the caravan rocked every time someone moved, the beds were too small and springy. It was hot and stuffy and like living in a tin can.

We ate the first night at the Caravan park because it was too late to look for anywhere else. The boys had microwaved pizza, Huffle had a pie!? And I had a falafel burger which is still repeating on me now.


The next day we had a pub lunch that was dripping with grease. The service was appalling and the food was almost uneatable. Everywhere we went there appeared to be dog poo.  (Guess who stepped in it and walked it around for ages - yep, me!).

Are we snobs? Yes, we most definitely are. Now this sounds like we had an horrendous time but in all honesty we had a nice, family day at the seaside. Here are some photos to prove we did have fun in between the not so fun times.

Croissants and Pain au chocolat for birthday breakfast
Small very happy with his birthday money which popped out of a card - thanks Pat-Pat & Nev
Smallest took a balloon onto the beach and Small let it go

Skimming stones into the sea

Small trying to find the wet sand to build a castle

Dunes, Castle and Smallest

Smallest building

Looking for skimming stones

What a beautiful castle

Photo of our shadows as inspired by Ms Dunnit - thanks what a cool picture


Chocolate overload - yum

On the Saturday we decided to try out a new beach and went to Snettisham.  The sea was so far out Huffle reckoned it would have taken us days - plus it was so hot we would have been burnt to a crisp. 

Can you just see the sea in the far distance?
However, undeterred by Huffle's warning cries, we trudged and shlurped (Huffle's word!) through the sand (definitely NOT mud, Huffle, definitely sand - oh yes it was!).  It was awful sludgy stuff that made you sink if you put too much weight on it - Small and Smallest glided over it , but Huffle and I sank.  In the  end we gave up and turned around - we were never going to reach the sea that day!

Ah bless - they DO love each other really

This was the state of our feet when we finally got off the mud sand and walked to a shop
Ahhhhh grass we love it!

For our tea we took a picnic onto the nearby beach and watched the sun go down.  It was a wonderful end to the day.

Smallest & Small watching the sunset and eating jam sandwiches and cake

Smallest collecting stones by himself

Smallest thoughtfully looking into the distance

Skimming again

Little Jack Horner sat in the corner .....  he pulled out a plum.....

(actually it was a stone with a hole in it which is supposed to be lucky but we lost it - UNLUCKY)

After we had such a lovely time on our evening jaunt we decided to call it a day and come home.


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