Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Two Bleedin' Noses and a new Heater

Last night Smallest woke up several times with nightmares, crawled into our bed, cried, hugged, laughed and squirmed a lot.  Small also woke up worried about the noise!  Twice we put Smallest back in his own bed and twice he came into ours.  He went back eventually after lots of talking and hugging and explaining it wouldn't happen again that night!
All woke up feeling tired and just a little grumpy. Huffle checked the traps........ Guess what?  The half chewed toffee was gone and the traps weren't set off.  Sneaky Little Mouse - we might have to try the tall glass with chocolate in the bottom as suggested by LizzieDotDot.  Huffle wants to put poison down but I'm not keen on that idea!
Small went off to school on his own.
Smallest and I had breakfast, and then played "Jack the House Built" which is really 'The House that Jack Built' but Smalls calls it the other and it's funnier!  He won.
We then played Ghostly Galleon.  I won.
This is us playing 'roll the barrel' from the Ghostly Galleon - the game stopped when we lost the barrel under the oven!

Smallest went and played with his cars and his Lego.  Then we went out to the shop where you get to taste lots of different things and buy things in bulk.  We got to try Rice Pudding, Chocolate Biscotti, Lemon Bisotti, Crackers and chocolate Cheerios.  It was a good shop although I went in to get my favourite Canadian coffee but they didn't have any.
Ta dah
We came back and had lunch and skyped the DotDots.  Little Bernard is getting bigger.  Smallest went off for a bath and I had a visit from a water heater woman who persuaded me to rent a new water heater from her.  I have no idea whether I have done right or not.  We played with the cars again.  We had a call from the Royals who were just making scones and said we could pop round later if we wanted.
We waited for Small to come home and the boys played in the garden for ages on their own.  Sledging and playing on the slide and swing.  They came in and played in the basement for a while.
I made a maple syrup sponge (Smallest requested it) and Small helped make the custard.
I have had requests to see my hair but it's not that different really.  I don't like photos of me unless I am bundled up in a scarf and hat.  This is the best I can do.  It's just a bit shorter and she blowed dried it bouncy.  I won't be able to do it the same.
The boys played baseball on the wii but Small swung his remote and hit Smallest in the face, giving him a nose bleed and a sore nose.  There was a lot of screaming but he is fine now.

Smallest holding an ice pack to his nose - when he saw this picture he said "I look like an elephant".

This house is very excited as HB is emailing us at the moment to tell us about her packing and the chocolate she is bringing.  Not long now - hope she doesn't bring that awful one piece Pyjama thing she was wearing last time we skyped her!!!!! ;)
Smallest got hold of my camera and took about 50 photos of all sorts.  One of them was this photo of Huffle as he came home.  I heard Smallest say "I want a happy face one please".

Poor Grandma fell over today (typically whilst buying suitcases for their trip to see us).  Grandad thinks she may have two black eyes tomorrow.  Hope you are feeling better soon Grandma x


Mary Ann said...

That water heater lady....what company was she from??????

Jumbleberries said...

Yay, got to see a photo of you - missing you lots.

Lovely new hair.

Jumbleberries xx

Anonymous said...

Hair looks great and you look very well Famfa.

I'm reading away.

Lots of love Everett xxx

marina said...

Thank you for your photo your hair is lovely we need to see more of you on here x