Friday, 14 November 2014

Farty Fox

Another cold day getting to temperatures of around -1 with snow flurries here and there and a bit of sun with no heat in it whatsoever. The boys nearly missed their bus but luckily the bus driver waited. A quick Skype with Moo before I drove off to knitting for the morning. We had a full house there today with a lovely old English lady who has been here for 61 years. There was much laughing and talking and undoing before four of us went of to have lunch at the local cafe.

It was too cold to walk around town so I came home. Before I left this morning I put a veggie stew in the oven on low and a beef stew in the slow cooker so there was nothing to do except make a few dumplings.

It was swimming lessons so the usual mayhem ensued with missing towels, goggles and shorts etc. I took the boys while Huffle looked after the dinner. I took my knitting to swimming and a woman there told me I had inspired her to get her needles out to knit a scarf.

After swimming we went home in the light snow and ate our warming stew.

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