Monday, 24 November 2014

Just one of those days!

It rained all through the night and all the snow pretty much disappeared. During the day it was 14*. How ridiculous. Then during the afternoon/evening, and forecast through the night, we had Severe Weather Warnings of strong winds. What a silly country!

All Gone!

Huffle went to work and I took Small and Tuba to school after watching Smallest get on the bus. After my breakfast I did a shop for food, big boy hangers, bulbs for the cooker hood and a couple of Christmas presents. After putting the shopping away I drove to the dentist and had a filling. Now I am terrible with anaesthetic. I always have to have far more than anyone else and even then it doesn't work properly. After my third dose, I just told him to get on with it even though I could feel it. As the dentist is near to Suffolks house, I popped in for a cuppa and then I went home as I was starting to feel yucky. A side effect of too much anaesthetic for me is it makes me feel sick, tired, emotional and woozy. I thought I would get a couple of hours of rest but after making a soup and a bread and finding I had only half an hour before the kids came home, I made myself a slice of toast and went to sit down.

On Saturday, Smallest had bought himself a robotic fish (have I mentioned this already) and I filled our big round fish bowl for it to swim in. Today I decided to move it from the middle of the table and it was this I was doing before I sat down with my toast. The whole thing broke and water gushed everywhere. All over the table, over my new IPad, over Smallest's homework, over the kids school reports, glass and water all over the kitchen floor.

First I rescued the IPad and wiped it clean and hoped it would be okay (I don't think Huffle bought a warranty for it!), then I got the mop and mop mop mopped for over an hour. Honestly I didn't realise how big the bowl was, thankfully we didn't have a real fish in there (I was actually talking about getting one yesterday!!). My IPad had water in the headphone socket which meant the sound didn't work but after I stuck some kitchen roll in and the headphone jack in and out a few times, it seemed better (fingers crossed).

The boys had their piano lessons and their teacher said they were both doing really well. Smallest got upset over his homework (I don't know why because he is perfectly capable and it wasn't that hard). His breath is a bit smelly (just like Small's was when he got Strep over and over and over!). He complained of a tummy ache and dizziness but I don't know if this is because he didn't want to do his homework or not.

Small went off to Scouts and did some Destination Imaginiation (challenges and creativeness - he didn't seem too enthused). Smallest's Beavers was cancelled so after his homework he watched a bit of TV. Huffle tried to get a new ringtone for my phone and we watched I'm a Celebrity...... with a cup of tea and a piece of Small's brownie.



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