Thursday, 27 November 2014


Another night of not sleeping, which meant that Huffle had a restless night too because once I told him I couldn't sleep, he then couldn't sleep! What are we like?

Huffle went off to work tiredly and the boys got ready to go school (arguing over whether they should wear coats and gloves even though it was -3). I drove Small and Tuba to school and watched Smallest get on the bus.

The plumber came today to service our water softener and reverse osmosis doodah. He is a funny chap. Very tall and big - he walked into our kitchen, smiled and nodded and then just went into the basement to do what he does! He has been coming here for years, way before we moved in so I guess he knows his way around.

Today Suffolk came round and we went into the forest to meet NoCustard for a walk. No snow in there today but lots of leaves and it was quite cold. After we finished, NoCustard went home and Suffolk and I did another walk through the forest.

When we got back home we had a lovely warming soup and then sat and knitted until she had to go home. I carried on knitting for a while and then made dinner and muffins.

The kids came home and did homework, Small in his bedroom with the radio blaring (brings back memories) and Smallest at the computer quietly writing. Smallest did a beautiful job of his Maths work and then practised piano where I helped him with a tricky bit. He soon mastered it and played on the IPad. Small did his Readers Response homework in rough yesterday and just needed to refine it and write it up.

Huffle came home and we all had dinner. The boys played on the IPads and Smallest complained about Small having more time playing than him (in reality, Smallest had more time but he would not accept it). Come bedtime, Smallest argued and argued until he ended up stomping off to his room. He is a stubborn so and so (where does he get that from?).

Small and I decided to find all his Lego figures at bedtime instead of reading. So far we have been through one of many drawers and found loads. He knows what each one is and what set it was from. I found a hippy and he said it didn't have a weapon. I told him "It can't have a weapon maaan, hippies are peace loving yeah!"


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