Sunday, 23 November 2014

Updating our technology

Oh it was lovely to have a lie-in this morning, I felt I really needed it. We all sat and watched the end of a film (that the kids started first thing) and eventually moved to get breakfast which was very late. The boys played piano, table tennis and IPad while we Skyped Grandma and Grandad and sorted out some Christmas presents.

Small playing (we are in the process of posting a YouTube Video of him).

Late morning we went out to a Mall in order to get my new phone (my contract ran out). This took a while and the boys got to play on the phones in the shop. Eventually we got away and went and had something to eat in the Eatery (food hall). Huffle and I had Indian and the boys had burgers.

Next we drove to another gadget shop in order to get the kids Christmas Present (shhhhhhhh). Recently our English bought Wii broke and to get it mended would be a nightmare as we are not in England! The boys have been saving their money for a while now in order to buy the Wii U. We didn't want to buy it originally as we felt having the Wii too was a waste, however, now the Wii isn't working we decided we would buy them a Wii U or an Xbox as a joint present. We have researched and deliberated long and hard about which one is best. It seems their friends have one or the other and some days they rave about XBox and others they love the Wii. Anyway, we decided on the Wii U, found the bundle we wanted and drove there today. Huffle went off to find the bundle and I followed the boys who incidentally headed straight for the XBox. I found Huffle and spoke to him about it and then suddenly we didn't know what to do! We talked to the Geek Squad (no explanation needed for what they were surely?) and told them how old the kids were and they suggested the Wii U (especially for Smallest and it being a family console plus the ability to move around rather than sitting and gaming). Decisions made without the kids knowing, all bought and packaged away in the car, we finally left the shop with a couple of games too.

We came home where Huffle smuggled presents out and the boys and I baked nice things. Small made brownies which were gorgeous and Smallest and I baked Shortbread which were scrumptious. The kids watched TV with tea and Huffle and I refused to sit with them as they wouldn't stop arguing.

At bedtime Smallest and Huffle carried on reading Harry Potter while Small and I sorted out his wardrobe.


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