Monday, 8 December 2014

A hairy boar*

Huffle worked tirelessly from home and the boys went to school. I stayed at home and did some Moo preparing. She now has a cosy bed to sleep in with mopped floors and dusted surfaces and I even managed to make some ginger muffins. Huffle and I had a very quick lunch together before he sat and had a very very long telephone with some legal work people.

Suffolk came round for a cuppa and a knit (she heads off for blighty for Christmas in a few days) and then I went shopping for food. I was longer than I thought, luckily Huffle was there to see the kids come home, though he was still on his long call.

Huffle went off to the dentist (he needs three small fillings, that's two appointments, one just before Christmas and one just after).

After dinner, we all went to the middle of the Hamlet and watched the tree lighting ceremony. They did not set the tree alight, they put the tree lights on. Ooh it did look lovely. The Scouts, Cubs and Beavers sang some Christmas songs accompanied by G-g-g-gary the Guitarist. Then we had the chance to have hot chocolate (I gave up after many people pushed in front, hot dogs - not for me and Huffle, and biscuits and sweets). There were plenty of people who turned up (not just the Scouts parents). Apparently this is the first year they have done this.

We came home, got warmed and the kids went to bed.


* at dinner we were talking about Smallest being a carnivore, Small being an omnivore and me being a herbivore. smallest thought I said I was a hairy boar!!, nice!



Aunt Pear said...

Dear hairy Bear, Photo not showing x

famfa said...

Try now x