Saturday, 6 December 2014

It is Christmas now?

A house opposite swimming yesterday

This morning our house was jubilant (and that is an understatement). Stoke City sent the gooners packing once again. Huffle Skyped Grandma and Madame Courvoisier happened to be there. He was very pleased as she is a big Arsenal fan (as is MrGator). MrMoose and Betty Brownie and Suffolks hubby are all arsenal fans so Huffle gave them a bit of verbal via Facebook too. Huffle is a happy man.

Small and I went and delivered the birthday cake this morning leaving Smallest and Huffle watching the game and texting us with the score so Small didn't miss out.

The birthday girl was very happy with her cake (and very surprised). We stayed for a cuppa and Small got to play on the Wii. I had a text later to say that everyone loves the cake and thought it was amazing (which apparently is better than awesome). The birthday girl was very proud and I am now known as May's Mum's Friend who makes the amazing cakes. On the way home we picked up a few bits for lunch.

Now Small is a big cake fan and there is not much he doesn't like (Smallest is much pickier and there is much he doesn't like, including my cakes!). Today I picked up some Strawberry Doughnuts and Boston Cream Choclate topped doughnuts (Huffle's favourite). Huffle had a Boston cream one first and was surprisd when the cream was frozen inside. Small and I had strawberry ones. We were very disappointed. The strawberry wasn't jam, nor strawberry, just a yucky mess and the doughnut was really dry. Small left his (it is a rare day when Small leaves anything sweet). I won't be buying them again!

This afternoon we went into town to watch the Santa Parade. Although it was 3.5* when we first went out, standing in the street waiting was very very cold. We got given a warming hot chocolate and after a fairly long wait, the parade finally started.

The kids were given candy canes and Choclate balls and a few sweets. We got fliers, some spice and a pack of tissues. There were a couple of marching bands, a man sized beaver (or maybe a man in a beaver costume), the Hillbillies (we don't actually know what they are advertising), firemen, policemen and paramedics. Dancing Hawaii girls, dressed up dogs, miniature bus that lost its battery charge and many people waving and shouting Merry Chistmas (and not Happy Holidays for a change).

Santa arrived and then we came home to get warm. Small's view on the parade - I liked all the floats but I didn't like how people ran past without giving us sweets and my nose fell off it was so cold. Smallest said - my favourite float was the hillbillies one and how everyone comes to me to give me sweets because I'm so cute.

Miss Piggy - Huffle said she was hamming it up - he's so funny chortle chortle

Everyone had an hour to themselves before Huffle and I made pizza and we sat and watched a Christmas film.


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You can tell Huffle I laughed at his Miss Piggy joke.