Monday, 28 July 2014

Meatballs and Custard

We had a terrible storm last night and we were on Tornado watch. This isn't quite as scary as it sounds. It just means that the storm could be severe with high winds, lots of rain and the slight chance of a Tornado. The storm was mainly away from us until we went to bed and then it seemed to be directly over the top of us. The windows rattled and it rained hard for about 12 hours non-stop. We filled the basement with towels in case of flooding and there was actually some water that seemed to seep up through the floor but apart from that we were fine. Still, it was a restless night for most of us (except sleepy, snorey Smallest of course). It was also very humid but we had to close the windows because the windows were rattling the blinds and keeping us awake. Arrrgggghhhh.

When Huffle got up he did intend to go to work, but he was so tired he ended up working from home. Small got up far too early and was grumpy and tetchy for most of the day. His eyes were looking much better but we carried on putting the drops in.

Smallest decided to go to the Summer Camp this morning but was very apprehensive. It was a Church Group who run a Hamlet camp in one of their back gardens and are associated with the Church. Smallest has said, since we moved here, that he doesn't believe in God so I made sure to explain that he shouldn't say anything bad about God and just see how it was. If he didn't like it, he didn't have to go back. As I dropped him off his little face seemed to be saying 'don't leave me here!' In the meantime Small and I played two games of Disney Monopoly. We won one each. When I picked up Smallest, I was greeted with a thumbs up which is our universal signal for 'I'm fine, it's okay'. He had had a great time. He'd made a bead fish and lizard which were very impressive, played Pictionary, ate Muffins and made a story book. His one critism was that he had to pray but after we talked about it just being thankful for what we have and that he could pretend he was thanking me or Daddy or anyone else. He liked that. He wants to go back tomorrow and he especially wants to go horse riding with them on Friday. Phew, I'm glad it was okay and I am very proud of my little man for trying it and liking it. One funny thing that happened was that there was a boy there called Geoffrey. Here in this house, we call Small Geoffrey because he is full of facts and 'well actually I think you'll find.......' things to say. Another thing we always say to Small, when he is in 'Geoffrey' mode is "do you want a cup of tea Geoffrey?". Someone mentioned tea and the boy Geoffrey said "oh I like tea". Apparently this made Smallest giggle.

Back home it was a quick lunch with Huffle before the boys and I drove to swimming (it has been moved to an earlier time). Small couldn't swim because of his conjunctivitis but Smallest got on really well. He did some excellent swimming and some lovely diving. While we were there Small got bored and walked home by himself.

Back home again and we all (not Huffle he was still working) played Monopoly again! This time Smallest won. The boys did their writing and a chore and played on their DS'. I did some knitting, tidying and made dinner. Huffle went to the dentist today for a deep clean and all was well for another visit.

The boys helped me to make meatballs and custard (obviously not to eat together) and after dinner we all played football with just a small amount of injuries.

Smallest has been growing tomatoes for the first time this year and his first ever ripe one was picked today and he ate it with his meatballs. He said it was really sweet.



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