Thursday, 24 July 2014

Too many pterodactyl teeth*

Bloomin' lovely

Huffle went off to work still feeling tired from the storm. The boys and I had breakfast and Smallest's friend came to play for the morning and until swimming lessons. The three boys played well together until Small shocked (they rub their hands together whilst on the trampoline and then shock each other!!) Smallest and Smallest retaliated by kicking him hard on the leg. Small was fine but Smallest hurt himself (I could say serves him right!). Small then went off to read by himself until the other boys found him and they all ended up playing with the Pokemon cards.

We all started a game of Disney Monopoly (which was interesting because Malcolm had never played before. How can you get to seven and not have played? Ahh maybe because he doesn't live in this Monopoly Mad house!. Anyway we played until lunchtime and then the boys sat in front of the TV and ate. They tried my Chocolate Orange Loaf and liked it and then played basketball and Swingball.

The view from our garden at the back (lovely).

I took Malcolm home on the way to swimming. Today MrsE instructed Smallest and another assistant tutored Small through many many lengths and then some safety and diving. Smallest swam a lot too. She said his endurance was good. Once home they both got in the pool until I brought them an ice cream and then we read for a while.

Small's Friend Log came over for an hour and they all played on the trampoline and then the wii (when supermum got the remotes working that is!).

Huffle and I did a bit of gardening, weeding, moving a few plants and watering after dinner.

*Huffle had a conversation today with a colleague about a man who owns a dinosaur museum. Apparently he had four pterodactyl teeth for sale. Huffle asked why they weren't just on display in the museum. His colleague informed him that the owner had too many!!!! REALLY?

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