Friday, 25 July 2014

Nipples on a dough ball

Another day at home today. Another scorching hot day. After breakfast, the boys and I finished our Monopoly game off from yesterday and the little stinkers thoroughly beat me. Huffle stayed and worked from home.

There was time in the pool once we had cleaned and vacuumed it, the greenery cut back and testing done. What a difference the water is from our first Summer here when all we had was green water! While we were clearing away we found a frog. We named him Ferdi and Smallest picked him up and put him in his own mini pond. Ferdi ran under the shade of a tree and then disappeared. We don't like to think he ran away though, just found a place to hide for a while.

Ferdi. Smallest - Steve Backshall - Hall

After lunch the boys and I cycled the o swimming lessons, where they started with a boat race. Small against Smallest and another boy. Small won. He had to paddle there and back across the pool ten times to pick up objects that would be needed for a boat journey. Smallest's arms were too short to paddle and their boat had no sense of direction.

When we cycled back, Small went off to Log's house for a few hours and Smallest and I had an ice cream on the porch. Our mower arrived back. It was a bit more expensive than we first thought but the man halved the labour costs and didn't charge us for a few things. We ended up with three punctures in the end. Whoops!

This is our mower arriving and landing.

Huffle and I mowed all the grass, pulled out the thistles from the side garden, raked the grass, cut the yew hedge and ended up cooling off in the pool. No peace for us as the boys jumped right on in with us. Of course, we had to have a whirlpool and once it got going we all floated around in a lazy river. We got to sit in the sunshine a bit before we all went in to make dinner. We had pizza and the boys made dough balls (Smallest's had nipples on!).

Dinner was in front of a film about snowmen. This weekend has bad weather reports with storms and rain (No snow though).

A couple of beautiful echinacea in our garden


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