Saturday, 23 August 2014

BooBoo Valencia*

A nice slow morning followed by a drive to Downtown Toronto.

No stopping for ice creams today as we headed straight for the Rogers Centre for the Blue Jays baseball game against the Stinky Tampa Bay Rays, we only call them stinky because Huffle's cousin Mr Gator and TrulyScrumptious live there (and we don't know anyone else in America). Today was another Junior Jays game so there was plenty for the kids to do. Outside we picked up a poster to make inside, the boys threw baseballs and Smallest got to throw and catch with a stilted man.

When we first arrived in Toronto this morning it was very cloudy and quite cool though it soon warmed up.

We all got tattoos, though some of us put them on better than others (Huffle's was upside down and inside out). The boys got to do their usual spin the wheel and won a Water bottle (think that might be on the way to CousinD) and a puzzle. Today Huffle had purchased us seats high up in the clouds. In fact there was only one row behind us today, but we were in line with the Blue Jays dug out. We took some nibbles which kept Smallest happily nibbling ALL the way through the game.

Huffle and I signed up as Designated Drivers and got ourselves two free HUGE soft drinks (not beer - that would be wrong as a designated driver). Smallest and I sat and made our poster which we held up for the cameras to see but we never got on the big screen.

Black and white photo of pitcher is Smallest's favourite - Janssen.

It was a good game and we finally won 5-4 (it went to ten innings). At the end one of the players got a pie in his face. Think this might be tradition because he made the winning run.

TL: the blue jays win. TR: our scarecrows

BL: Boys and Bikes. BR: Smallest with his jug of Apple Juice

As we had eaten at lunchtime ish, we weren't starving and didn't get our usual pizza by the harbour. Instead we walked around the South Asian Festival and the boys and I made tiny scarecrows. Then we walked into Toronto more until we were hungry and had dinner on the rooftop patio of The Works (a burger place).

Like a Flat Iron and THE Flat Iron

LEFT: The Flat Iron.

We were seated right next to the Flat Iron and it was a good place to people watch. Someone eating there gave us a voucher for a free 8oz Shake so we had a Caramel one which we all shared. YUM YUM! I had a fabulous Portobella Mushroom Burger with Brie, Pear and Caramelised Onions.

TR: Steely Dan was playing at the Sony Performing Arts Centre.

All full and tired we made our way back to the car and drove home. Apart from a small accident, the traffic wasn't too bad. We got home and Smallest went straight to bed, complaining of being very hot and asking "can I have that thing you stick under your arm?" I thought he meant deodorant at first but then realised he meant a thermometer. He was fine. He fell almost instantly asleep.

It was a GOOD DAY. Whenever the boys write in their journals, they always end it with, "it was a fun day".

*one of the Blue Jays players fell down today after what Huffle and I thought was a tiny knock. It looked as if he couldn't play on but he did. From thereon in we called him BooBoo (the word for scratch or bruise here). We are so mean!

This is one of my Instagram photos and it was chosen as Capture of The Day. Wahooooo. Love taking photos - can you tell?


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