Monday, 18 August 2014

Feet First

There are three weeks left before school starts and as usual many things to fit in before then. One of which is getting feet looked at. I have been struggling with Plantar faciitis for some time now and as I have a referral from the doctor, I thought it was time to get it looked at. Also Small has been complaining for a while now about his feet hurting. So this afternoon the boys and I went to the foot doctor. I was checked first and it seems I am doing everything right which is good but I do need orthotics ($475 but covered by health insurance). I got her to look at Small's feet as I was worried he wears his shoes out on the insides and his ankle bone seems to protrude. She wasn't worried about his ankle but said he had a similar problem to me and an orthotic will help him while his muscles and tendons get stronger. His cost $375 (Small thought she said $3.75 and said Oh that's not bad!). Anyway, better to sort it out now than wait for something more serious to happen (like with Huffle when his Achilles snapped and then he found out he needed supports). Small can't get his through the insurance until we have a referral from the doctor so on the way home from our appointment, we popped to the docs to see if we needed an appointment to see him. Yes we do and he is not taking any more appointments until September so we now have to go to the urgentCare just to get a form signed. What a load of beaurocratic nonsense again!

This morning we did some shopping and I bumped into a friend of a friend and asked her about recommendations for babysitters, we have been here over two and a half years now so we really should have someone we can call on to sit for us so we can go out occasionally. Plus the boys are a bit older now. She is going to call me with some names.

We played many games of Monopoly Deal today and played the piano. When Huffle came home the boys all played football together.

They found a few grass mushrooms and challenged Huffle to identify and eat them. He said they could be one he could eat but it was very closely related to one that was poisonous and he said couldn't take the chance.

After dinner we all played Monopoly Deal.


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