Sunday, 31 August 2014

New balls please

A very hot and humid day beginning with a breakfast made by Small. After Skyping Grandad and some knitting (by me not Grandad) we all went out to the tennis courts and had a game. It was too hot to play really but we struggled on and had a few drinks breaks. We found another ball (that's three finds now). Small is getting better and better and Smallest is improving.

A brief stop for a little something.

When we came home we went straight up to the pool. Huffle did a little cleaning and we all jumped in. Ahhhh that felt better. After a long relax by the side of the pool and a bit of catching, we went in for a late lunch. The boys stayed inside and watched TV and Huflfe and I sat on the porch, eating and watching Frasier and watching the Hummingbirds searching for their nectar. Pure decadence!

Small's big sunflower with a bee covered in pollen

After an ice cream, we all played basketball and then jumped in the pool to cool off again. After much silliness we got out and played a couple of games of Monopoly Deal. The boys went back in the pool while I painted a bit more of my chair and Huffle cut down a vine. We left the kids playing and went in to start dinner. Huffle made meatballs for him and the boys and I picked veg and made Beetballs for me.

There was a bumped head and a banged leg and two little boys were nursing their injuries for a while before going off and playing the piano.


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