Sunday, 3 August 2014

One little fishy, two little fishy, three........

Everyone slept as well as they could considering they were all in strange new beds. Apparently our bed was brand new and no-one else had ever slept in it before (which was encouraging to know. Our headboard banged against the wall just from us moving or turning over - NOTHING MORE! So we had to put a pillow behind it. Later on in the day MrOwner asked how the bed was and then informed it was brand new.).

We had breakfast in the middle of the DanceFloor which was a treat in itself. The rest of the day was spent on the beach, bar a quick poddle off to the house to make a lunch to bring back to eat. It was a beautiful day and we all swam in the lake many times. Even Huffle swam and he is not a big swimmer, but because it was so sandy and clear and shallow, he was in his element.

Too many photos of me. Boys playing jackers behind me. Me with my lake hair (I had just washed it so I put it as far on top of my head as possible so I didn't need to get it wet!)

The boys were diving for fish and shells and occasionally wrestling in the water, though that sport is now banned for the rest of the holiday.

Smallest bucket head. Our sandcastle village.

We had time for Jackers (boules), cricket, catching, reading and a huge sandcastle village that a couple of people actually stopped and admired.

SHOT! Bowling Shaki

Small catching fish with his hands. Smallest catching shells.

We managed to stay on the beach until 5pm and then came away to get showered and go out for dinner. Eventually we managed to get out and stopped at a Surf Shack where we had Fish and Pasta dishes. I had Georgian Bay Pickerel which was very nice. Wandering around Tiny Beach we soon realised we were in Tiny Blackpool. It was a very busy commercial area with lots of very small cottages and motels. Glad we are not staying there!

Back home I tried to make the bug zappers hang lower as MrOwner had left us some wire. Stupid me, who never learns, climbed on a chair on a slidey cushion and leaned as far as I could and fell. I landed with a not so graceful thud, scraped my leg all down one side, banged my ankle and hit my head on another chair. Huffle panicked but I was fine - nothing a cold compress and a cup of tea couldn't solve. MrOwner came back from a jaunt out and said "ooh you are red, you are very red, ooh red!" Yes thanks I had noticed, nothing to do with my stupid skin. ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH leave me alone you reddists! However we did have an interesting chat with him. Not only is he a celebrity championship hairdresser but he used to fly his own plane and his wife is a sculptor and a gardener.

Our house (ours is the ground floor)

The statue that MrsOwner made (random)




Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Ohhh I hate reddists. Happened to me on holiday recently too. I am sick of explaining... Nooo this is my natural rosy radiant skin.

famfa said...

I like that "my natural rosy radiant skin" I'll have to try it. Mr owner said to his wife yesterday "look at her she's red as a lobster" xx

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

You should see the colour of me when I exercise!

famfa said...

Ditto! Stu wants to know if you are cold when you go to bed but wake up toasty warm (he thinks I'm a freak!) x