Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Frog and the Umbrella

It was a horribly hot humid night last night with no air and then lots of really noisy rain.

The boys and I walked to the other end of the Hamlet to the library, dodging a few rain storms. Who sorted our books, the boys had ice creams and we walked home.

On the way home, Smallest found a caterpillar which he picked up to bring home. Then he found a a very small frog and the caterpillar was discarded for the frog which he took home and put in the pond. Of course it tried to jump straight out with a little help from the end of my umbrella. Smallest desperately wants a pet!

After lunch we played Disney Monopoly and Monopoly Deal and skyped Moo. The boys showed her their piano playing skills. We have new books from the library on piano playing so we will see how that goes. They are doing really well. I wondered if they would be bored of it by now but they play many times a day.



Wonder Woman said...

We finally got round to buying a piano yesterday! Han wants to learn now too x are the boys having lessons?

Aunt Pear said...

Will you be having rabbit, hamster, or guinea pig? Suspect tricky due to extreme cold in winter. What's his first choice? HB loved her pets and is still desperate for a dog. x

famfa said...

What did you buy? They are going to start lessons when they go back to school. Me too maybe though I got a book and it is a big help x

famfa said...

Huffle doesn't want him to gave any pets though both would love a dog. We had fish but I ended up looking after them. Hamsters are asleep all day, rabbits would be difficult in winter. A dig would be perfect - we keep threatening to buy huffle one for Christmas xx