Sunday, 24 August 2014

Half time oranges

This morning was a lovely Sunday slow morning of Huffle watching Stoke draw against Hull, the boys ticking off their list of things to do and finally playing on the IPads and me knitting whilst finishing the Honourable Woman on BBC. WOW what a drama, if you have BBC and you haven't seen it yet, DO! It is brilliant if not a little squeamish and violent at times. I am guessing it was the end, I can't imagine anymore episodes.

Very late morning we all cycled to the Tennis Courts, in the Hamlet, which have been resurfaced recently. Smallest has never played before though he does play Swingball a lot and he is quite good at table tennis. Basically he has good hand eye coordination so I didn't think he would have too much problem. Small used to have lessons in England and so did I for a while and Huffle and I used to play occasionally when the kids stayed overnight at Moo's or Grandmas. Anyway we had a lot of fun although it was very hot and at times airless. We went with two balls and an orange and came back with three balls (work that one out!). The boys did really well and we were thoroughly worn out after over an hour of playing. Whenever anyone hit out of the courts they had to fetch the ball, hoping to stop wild mad hits!

Cycling home was tough when we were all so tired and hot but we got there in the end and had lunch and ice cream on the porch. Then it was up to the pool and we all went in despite the water temperature only being 23*. We made a whirlpool, had a lazy river and a bit of a swim and then came out and read and played Monopoly Deal and 'throw the noodle at the doughnut'.

We made our own dough, made it into pizza and watched The Amazing Spider Man which we didn't finish as it was Smallest's bedtime. While Huffle read to him, I moved a bookshelf upstairs on order to make way for a keyboard that Huffle has bought us from Kijiji (Canada's EBay) as he is so impressed by our skills and enthusiasm.



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