Friday, 12 September 2014

Autumn is here, Winter is on the way.

The weather has really started to change. Today it was very cool and Autumnal and I even got my thin autumn coat out. Huffle went off to work in his new shiny car (no name yet) and the boys went off to school on the bus. After breakfast, I left Grandma and Grandad home alone (at their request) and went off to knitting. There were only a handful of us there today but I did manage to sew a lot of my border onto my blanket.

Middayish Suffolk and I went out for lunch and had a good laugh and catch up. We wandered around the shops and met a lovely man who measures kids feet the old fashioned way properly (oh I do miss Clarks) and told us this Winter was going to be a bad one! BOOOOO. Grandad text me to say that Smallest had a basketball hit him in the eye at school, had an ice pack but now had blurry vision. I drove to school but by the time I got there he was back in his class and feeling much better. He thought he could carry on (there was only about 40 minutes left) so I came home to find that Grandad had cut down all the dead branches off the driveway trees and some more branches, strimmed the back grass up to the barn (it was very long) and taken off the bad wood on the climbing frame. What a busy man he was. Grandma had sorted the washing and drying and the kitchen was spick and span (with really shiny sinks). Lovely.

Huffle got home early and we all managed a cup of tea before the kids came home. Both were in tears. Small was upset because his class year group had all changed and he now had silly giggly stupid (his words) girls in his class. Smallest was upset too as one of his best friends had moved out of his class and into another one. It seems they had a bigger registration than they originally thought and all classes were moved about today. There was much upheaval. After much talking to and calming down, the boys played basketball and Swingball while Grandad and Huffle chopped all of my lovely trees down (just the hazardous ones that keep falling onto my car and denting it).

Huffle and I raked, the boys moved the branches and then Grandma and I made dinner while the men put their toys away and the boys played on the IPads.

We all ate dinner whilst watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit (there was much guffawing from Grandad who thoroughly enjoyed it). Smallest went to bed still coughing but very tired and Small watched wrestling. The big boys cleared the kitchen and the dishwasher - good boys.




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AA said...

Can you ask Grandad if he fancies a holiday in Greenwich later in the year? I've got a few things that need fixed....