Thursday, 18 September 2014

Rambling, (Mowing), Raking & Roasting,

What a beautiful day. It's difficult to know what to dress the boys in these days. Small has taken to wearing jogging bottoms (much to my disgust) and Smallest is still in shorts but wearing a hoodie round his waist. This morning I was told "I will tie, you don't know wear my waist is!" After they went to school, I drove to the forest and met NoCustard. We had a lovely walk and chatted all the way. The forest is looking very beautiful and although the leaves aren't properly changing, the sky was a gorgeous blue with fluffy white clouds and everything was very green. We walked for an hour and a quarter.

When I got home, Grandad had already started cutting the grass. No, the mower isn't fixed and back, we borrowed MrRoyals mower last night. He had filled it with petrol (when he eventually found the hole) and had cut most of the back garden. He came in and we all had a cup of tea and did a bit of jigsaw.

He carried on with the cutting and I went out and started raking. Considering how much my arms ached from aerobics yesterday, it killed! There was an awful lot of grass - it was sooooo long.

At lunchtime we watched The Village (this was the worst thing we could have watched while eating).

The rest of the grass was cut after lunch and then the raking aarrrggghhhhh. Grandad had trouble with the strimmer! We took the mower back, had an interesting conversation about beans with Prince and then had a funny conversation with next door lady who gave me a butternut squash.

When the boys came home I drove Small to the foot place which took ages (normally 30 mins but turned into at least 40 mins there and slightly less back). His feet are doing well and the foot woman is happy with him. We need to get him better shoes which will help in the meantime.

Grandma spent all afternoon making a roast dinner which was lovely. After dinner we played football, Small did his homework and Smallest practised his piano. Small chose which instruments he wanted to play today. He chose 1.Tuba (though I have pointed out it will be heavy to carry back and forth and up steps of the school bus etc). 2. Tenor Saxophone (my favourite) and 3. Trumpet (he says this is the hardest to play. We will see if he gets to play any of them.

Small also got picked for the football team (though everyone did because there were only 17 tried out and this accounts for subs), oh well, he is still very pleased and we are too.







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