Friday, 5 September 2014

Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony ..............

What a kerfuffle this morning! Because the bus was five minutes early yesterday morning, we made sure the boys were getting their shoes on early and then it came ten minutes early instead. So the boys rushed out, left their hats, Small's water bottle emptied itself all over the garden. I had to get in the car and follow the bus to take their hats, even though I hadn't had breakfast and had to be out of the house by 9am. Agggrrrrhhhhhhhh.

Hats delivered, water rescued, breakfast eaten and off I went to meet Al and El for a walk before knitting. It was very hot and extremely humid (40c with humidex plus a heat warning in effect). After walking we went back to the El's shop where we cooled off, had coffee and waited for the others to arrive. I took in my blanket today as I finished sewing it all together and now have the border to knit.

Suffolk and I went off for lunch and she bought us a slice of cake to celebrate my Anniversary. We had Brown Sugar Pound Cake (and I'm guessing I put on a few pounds eating it) with caramel sauce and ice cream yum yum. We visited a few shops, bought a few bits and then walked off our cake.

When I got home the air con was still on and it lovely and cool. Huffle had contacted Samsung, got cut off, agreed to have an engineer visit to file a report to get the cooker changed and was promised an afternoon call back from the engineer (it never happened - what a Surprise).

I skyped Moo whilst sitting in the heat on the porch with my cup of tea. We had a good silly chat and a laugh and she saw the boys get off the bus and even had a mini conversation with them. Small went off to his friends house to play for an hour and Smallest went and did his homework. He had to log on to the computer to find out what he needed to do. He had to write about his first week at school and he wrote about his new friends with some beautiful writing. Clever bear.

I made dinner while Huffle finished his work (he was working from home today) and Smallest played on the IPad. When Small got home, the boys played basketball. After dinner we played Monopoly Deal and talked about school. They both seem very happy.

Smallest and I took an evening walk to next door to pick some apples as they had too many. Whoppeeee - the weather started to turn while we were out, it got very dark very quickly and the. It started lightning - we got back just in time.

Then the storm really started. Lightening flashes that went on and on, hardly a break between them. The thunder rumbled really loudly and the wind blew wildly. Huffle went up to read to smallest but it was too stormy for him so both boys ended up in the basement with huffle reading Harry Potter.


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