Friday, 26 September 2014

Ceegars and Orios

Our Rudbeckia

Today Huffle had a day off work and after the boys went to school we drove down to Brooklin and dropped off my quilt sample (I should have been attending a session tomorrow but we are busy now, so Suffolk is taking it for me). On the way we spotted some bikers. One had a huge cigar (Ceegaaar) whilst riding!

First stop was Johns Garden where we took advantage of the 50% sale. We bought a few lovely plants and then went and had lovely dinner at the Tin Mill again. It was deeeeelicious.

If you look close enough you will see an Edwardian Lady taking the air under the shade of the trees (in case ones delicate complexion should be tainted by the rays of the harsh North American midday sun) - quote Grandma

Deadman shop next but we didn't find anything so we had an ice cream instead. Grandad had mango and raspberry sorbets, Huffle had chocolate and coconut (a bounty he said) and I had a coconut.

We drove to Jeffs and picked up Grandad's special Father's Day present (something we know Madam Courvousier does not have ;). Back home (4 hours later) and then Grandad and Huffle went off to pick up Small's birthday bike and a very tall grass from Johns Garden (we couldn't fit it in the car before).

Earlier this morning I attempted to make small's cake. I had previously bought an orio mould and made a scrummy yummy chocolate cake and left it to cool. This afternoon it fell to pieces and looked horrendous but after making some orio buttercream and sandwiched it together, smothered it with cream and put orios on the top, it didn't look too bad.

I quickly skyped Moo as the boys came home and then Huffle, Smallest, Grandad and Grandma went off to swimming. Small and I went a bit later.

Smallest was in a class with kids of 9-13 and swam many lengths. Small was in a class with a boy and a girl he knew already. He swam many many many lengths (400m), CPR, British Bulldog and was very tired. Huffle took Smallest home and fed him and started Small's tea while we watched Small.

Back home we all had tea and a little drinky.

Some Autumn loveliness.



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