Monday, 16 October 2017

And as if by magic, the shopkeeper arrived

The wind was wild last night and Smallest thought that Grandma and Grandad were moving clothes hangers about at a ridiculous hour of the morning. It was, in fact, the tree branches bashing against the window and Grandma getting up to see what it was! That's a relief. Grandma moving clothes and hangers around in her sleep was a bit worrying!

Huffle and I slept better. Smallest slept very well and didn't get Small up. We really need to get him an alarm clock, we should not be relying on the youngest member of the household to wake everyone up. Both boys went to school still in shorts despite the icy coolness of the start of the day. Smallest did wear gloves though!!

I went to my exercise class and we nearly abondoned it into go to Walmart for a wander but we didn't. Also during the class, a baby was born, well not in our class but we were the first to see the photos. Awwwwww.

Today filming was taking place on our road, I think Anne of Green Gables or whatever the new series is called. How exciting.

Huffle took the afternoon off work and we took Grandma and Grandad for lunch in our local pub. Afterwards we visited the charity shop and Grandad played at being MrBenn trying things on.

A familiar site this visit of Grandad waiting for us to be read to go out
Mainly hats

I bought myself a new gardening hat and the boys some books. We were supposed to go to the Garden Centre but we forgot to leave a key for Small so we had to come back, via the cake shop for some treats.

Grandad watched the Leicester v WestBrom game. Small came home with all the times for our parent teacher interviews happening on Thursday. He did well. He managed to get them all within 5/10 minutes of each other and it's in the afternoon so Huffle and I can go and it doesn't interfere with Smallest's football. We found out today that Smallest won't be practising, one of his football nights, with his friend Dan. That's a shame. I like his mum - who will I talk to now?

Whilst checking what was in the pantry and fridge, I found a plastic bag with Colin the Cabbage in. Still really huge despite having eaten half of it. MrsPiano took a quarter of it away with her. I wonder what I can do with the other quarter?

Oh the boys will be pleased !!

The boys had piano lessons followed by their quick dinner and a play on their tablets before going off to Cubs and I had an hour to myself. Well forty minutes by the time I drove there and back and there and back.

Huffle took Grandma and Grandad to the airport for their flight home. Goodbye both, hope you have a good flight and a nice sleep when you get home. Don't dream of cabbage (wish I could have wrapped it up and hid it in your bags!!!!). Speak to you soon xxx


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