Thursday, 19 October 2017

I fought the Persil and the Persil won!

After the boys went to school (Small's alarm didn't go off and Smallest was very tired after his late night), I went off to Costco for a quick shop, fully intending to finish the rest of my shopping off at the nearby supermarket afterwards. Costco had only just opened (and yet people were coming out wth their bought shopping before the opening time, how does that work?) and so it wasn't too packed and busy but of course there were no samples as it was too early. I happily got all I needed and paid, renewed my membership and walked towards the car. It was a lovely bright sunshiney day and Inwas happy until the washing liquid fell off the bottom of the trolley landing in a squelchy mess in front of me. I slipped and bashed my shin on the undeneath of the trolley. At first I wasn't sure what had happened until I heard cries of "oh no what a shame" and "oh dear". Mainly people just passed me by, despite the tears rolling down my face (it hurt a lot!). One woman came to my rescue and asked what she could do to help as I held my dripping, half empty washing liquid. I said 'Thanks but I don't know!' She asked where my car was and of course I didn't know that either. I felt very sorry for myself.

I found the car, packed everything in and then went and spoke to the trolley collector, still holding my drippy liquid. He said he would get the mess cleared up and told me to go to returns where they would give me a new one. From there, I was directed to the 'podium' (this was no time for a pole dance!) and I spoke to a very nice lady who told me to go to the washroom while she got a new bottle for me. Not only was I limping but my eye was all red too from rubbing it with washing liquid on my fingers! What a state. New bottle in hand, I got to the car without any more trouble and drove to the other supermarket. As I opened the boot to get some bags out, the bottle of liquid slipped out and crashed to the floor, spilling yet more of the damn stuff! That was it. I burst into tears, picked it up and placed it securely on the front passenger floor and drove carefully home. I didn't dare do anything else!

Huffle was there to help me and I burst into tears again and told him my story. He unloaded, unpacked and made me a cup of tea and then put all the freezer things away, made sure I was okay and disappeared back to work. I put Iboorofen Gel on my shin and an ice pack and drank my tea and washed my eyes. Then my other eye started running and continued for the rest of the day!

Huffle and I had lunch together and watched an episode of DontTellTheBride which cheered me up and then he went back to work briefly while I started a jigsaw. At 1:40 we drove to Small's school for our Parent/Teacher Interviews. Our first appointment was 2:10 with Small's English Teacher, the infamous teacher who he talks so much about. Strict but engaging enough for Small to have upped his interest in English. He spoke really quickly and mainly to Small. His mark so far is 80% and he told us what he wanted Small to work on and explained his plan which was to get him to university and to a place where the workplace would be happy with his written work. He thanked us for coming and told Small that he was lucky to have us both there, that that meant we cared about him and he must buy us a nice Christmas prsent. He spoke far too quickly, without emotion and was so monotone that it was difficult to understand.

Next we walked quickly to the Guidance Room to find Small's Maths teacher at 2:15 (four minutes to talk to English and 1 minute to find Maths). She was very happy with Small's work and said he had 91% which was excellent. He contributed and helped his fellow students and she had nothing bad to say at all. Next we saw his science teacher who said her only critism was that he never volunteered for extra duties and that when asked who would help her, his while group played "nose goes" instead of offering. He does that at home too. If you ask for someone to do something, they say nose goes and the last person to put their hand on their nose, has to go! Stupid! She wants him to do less of that and I said 'he would do less of that at home too". He had a 93%. The last one we spoke to was his French Teacher. She was very very happy with him and in fact gave us the MiddaughHandShake (which we are regarding as the PaulHollywood handshake) for giving her such a great student and bringing him up so well. Fabulous. He got a 90% in French (she said 10% off perfect which no one ever is). We checked out the kitchens and sampled some goodies the students had made. Not bad!

We brought Small home with us. He got on with homework and Huffle went back to work while I did a bit more jigsaw until Smallest came home and then I made a start on dinner.

After dinner we all watched XFactor and then the boys played on their tablets, Huffle sorted his wardrobe and I did some more jigsaw. My shin is feeling much better. I seriously thought I had smashed it, it was so painful. While I was trying to transfer the Persil into the old bottle (which wasn't smashed up) I spilt it on the floor and all over the cupboard! I've I could find another product I like, I might just change it!

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