Saturday, 28 October 2017

You've got a bit of duck on your hat!

During the night I got a swift hard kick from Huffle while he slept. I woke him up DID YOU JUST KICK ME? "No! I don't think so!" SO YOU'RE NOT TRYING TO MAKE ME GET UP? "No". I had no idea what time it was. In the morning Huffle said "I think I did kick you in the night, I was having a dream about fighting off a huge man! Sorry!" It was with his left foot too!

Everyone but Small was up at 7:15am ish (which I have to say is earlier than I get up for school!!!) so we could get a quick breakfast and get Smallest to his first game of the Winter Season. Small stayed at home and in bed watching baseball. I left him a text asking him to sort the dishwasher and put his clothes away.

Smallest's team is now in Division2 and is made up of mainly the D2 team of Summer with some of the second teams' D1 players. He has a much better team, players who pass to him and can take the ball when he passes to them. They won 5-3. Huffle and I couldn't remember the last time we saw him win a game. Huffle has a new 'football friend' who chatted to him throughout. He told us he was a ManUtd fan to which we both pretend-spat in disgust. He said that him and his son were watching the game before they came out and that they were playing TOT-EN-HAM. Huffle and I sniggered but couldn't explain to him why. He then told us he also supported ManCity to which we both laughed inwardly. ManU and ManCity - well that's just ridiculous. He obviously wasn't a proper supporter because Huffle gave him a score update and he hardly blinked! He blew his own sons trumpet throughout the whole game. I'm sure he said his name was T055er. It was a good game and Smallest played well and enjoyed it.

We came home and Small was watching the Stoke game (the dishwasher and clothes were done). Smallest had a bath whilst watching the rest of the first half and then joined the other two. I sat upstairs and watched TV whilst knitting. The boys were very happy with their win today. They played WaffleUnited (Small was texting us updates on the game while we were driving and his predictive text changed Watford to Waffle).

We went out for lunch and had a burger at our favourite burger place. We were very hungry. This afternoon we went Halloween costume shopping. Small wasn't sure what he wanted to be but needed a costume for his French class that had no masks and no weapons. We went to Dollarama and picked up some mothballs as this is supposed to stop Skunks from coming too near the house. The boys and I went to Walmart and found a couple of costumes but as they were full price, Huffle decided we would go to ValueVillage which is a charity style shop that has a huge Halloween section of new and old stuff. Unfortunately they had the same things for the same price. Small then decided he would be HarryPotter and we got him a wand and glasses. We know he already had a cloak.

Next we went to a HalloweenVillage and tried on lots of masks and were very silly. Huffle bought himself a Where's Wally (Waldo) mask and we got Small a Gryffindor woolly hat and then came home. It has been a rainy dreary day today and was quite cool.

All of us
Me as Gru

We had just over an hour at home relaxing before we had to go out again, this time for Small's football game. This is his second game but they changed the teams around. His new coach is the Dad of one of the boys from Smallest's team last year. Small got his new kit (blue) and we sat inside the freezing cold penguin dome and watched his game. They won 2-0. Very good. Small got an assist (he says that's $1 Grandad).

Back home and warm, we sat and watched XFactor (just a small part because Smallest went to bed). The big boys watched the Goals of the day while I blogged and crocheted. I am trying to crochet Small a Gryffindor tie as Huffle didn't have one in the right colours. So far so good.


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