Tuesday, 31 October 2017

2 thermals under a Stoke top


ahhhh feeling much better. Headache and most aches disappeared after a good night's sleep.

Harry Potter went to school with Hedwig following behind him and had to get changed during the day to have a photo taken for Band and the Year Book.

Smallest went to school with his EYE costume and got changed after lunch in time for the Hamlet parade. I joined them and watched them walk through the streets. It was really cold today.

Huffle worked in the loft and I went to work. MrsM was in a tizz because she had to go in to work today and nothing was ready for us to get going, plus it was cold so we went into the greenhouse. After searching for somewhere to sort cuttings, we ended up going in the house and having a very early coffee and some Maple Shortbread Maple Syrup Butter Tarts. Wow, amazing and instead of raisins, Jan used chocolate chunks and pecans. After our break we did lots of pelargonium cuttings. We kept losing the cat. Naughty thing was hiding on the heated bed.

Back home, Huffle and I had lunch and watched W1A - fabulous BBC comedy. Proper laugh out loud series. This afternoon I walked to the middle of the Hamlet to watch the school Halloween parade. While the kids and teachers walked the streets, the parents stood around and wandered to the next available viewing spot. It was very cold!

I walked home and went on a pilgrimage to find gummy worms for our brain Jelly. I didn't have to leave the Hamlet as I found some at the OldBeerStore (it has now moved to DanielSons). Back home again, I FaceTimed Moo whilst getting the jelly out of the mould (nearly successfully). We had a catch up and then I made dinner.

This evening we all went out Trick or Treating. It didn't rain which I think may be a first for Halloween. It was still cold though but we kept ourselves going by laughing a lot. It seems tonight, that my voice was unheard despite my best efforts to try and engage with people on the streets or in their houses. I gave up in the end.

At most houses, we made Huffle stand in a eccentric pose to see if we could make the householder laugh or comment. We could tell most wanted to comment but mainly they couldn't find the right thing to say. We bumped into several 'parents' who said "we found Waldo (Wally)" which didn't really amuse Huffle. We also came across two drunk men (the alcohol stink coming from them was horrendous) who were chaperoning their kids! around. They were little bit unnerved by us becuase Huffle just stood and stared at them and I kept cackling.

The kids went house to house to house collecting stuff. Only one house scared them when the man was hiding and jumped out. Another house is normally really scary so we were all expecting something but nothing happened. The decorations were probably not as good as previous years but a lot of houses had put in a really good effort. It will all be down tomorrow and Christmas stuff will be up!

We went out at 6:30pm ish and came home at 8:45pm. The bags were emptied on the table....

Sorted into piles........

Most of these are minis
And squirrelled away.

Another successful year of Trick or Treating. We heard someone saying that you shouldn't really be out after Grade8 (Small is Grade9) but we don't agree with that rule. If Small still wants to go out and he puts the effort in to dress up and knock on doors, then he should be allowed. Huffle and I still go out, though we do stand back. Some people gave us stuff, including a chocolate martini, hic thank you very much.


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