Friday, 13 October 2017

I don't like my white wibbly!

Please tell me, what is the point of a skunk? It smells, it's putrid, it's disgusting and one stunk us out last night/this morning and severely affected our sleep. Now I am feeling grumpy and I didn't hear Small coming to wake me this morning and apparently ignored Huffle poking me in the belly to get up! Grrrrrrrrrr.

Another dreary, cold, wet day. Mid morning I took Grandma and Grandad to the garden centre we were yesterday and there we met up with Suffolk who wanted lovely things to fill her garden. With the one trolley, my stuff went on the top part and hers on the bottom. Grandma pushed the trolley and gave Suffolk design advice. Grandad picked out the premier plants and Suffolk gave me overall choice of plants. Between us we did really well and at the end (after about two hours) we placed all the plants out as if they were in her garden so she could see how many and what they would look like. At this point she put a couple back and then she paid for all of them. I got my plants as a thank you for housesittong for her one day and as a birthday present. Awww lovely.

We all went off for lunch and a nice cup of tea/hot water/Caribbean juice. We didn't get home until 3pm but we had a nice time and it was the first time Grandad had met Suffolk (he said it was nice to put a face to a name).

We had a proper cup of tea at home while Grandad played Golf in the back garden with the target net. I made dinner. Tonight we had Lentil Dahl, Butter Chicken and Rice with Naans.

Huffle took Grandad out to meet Quiche and went off to The Tire to purchase his Christmas present from G&G and take back the filter.

New toy

The rest of us played Pokemon Yahtzee (Small won). Then we played proper Yahtzee and Grandma won. The boys played on their tablets and Grandma and I drank wine, ate chocolate and played take two. It got very silly. When Huffle came home briefly, he and Smallest played with us.

Huffle went and picked up Grandad. I couldn't stay up long enough to wait for them to get home.


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