Monday, 30 October 2017

The day the owl levitated

Oh I feel rough. My head is throbbing like a big throbbing thing and I feel like I'm on the verge of a cold. I feel really hot too! My back hurts from where I twisted whilst crocheting and pulled something, then Huffle stuck his thumb in to try and right it and now it feels all battered and bruised. My knee feels swollen and my shoulder is sore.

The boys went to school, still wearing shorts, the bloomin' idiots. It was freezing out there today (not literally but felt very cold). Huffle worked hard in the loft (hardly saw him today). I went to my exercise but didn't want to. ExerciseNic accused me of sounding like a twelve year old boy with all my ailments today! I don't think she took it easy on me despite my shouts of pain. We did some really weird exercises and I KNOW I will ache tomorrow. She's says it's for my own good but I don't know, I swear there was a camera in there today for her own amusement at a later date ;)

I came home and put a chilli in the slow cooker and made a veggie one for me (in a saucepan). The whole house smells of chilli and jelly (made two for our Halloween brain for tomorrow). Huffle and I had lunch and watched TravelMan in Valencia. We think he walks as much as Huffle in a big city!

This afternoon I met NoCustard and her friend in the forest and we did the smaller walk (half an hour) and then turned and did an extra 20 minute one. Bless them, they only did the little walk for me because I wasn't feeling so good. It was lovely to be out in the forest though despite the cold.

When I came home I went in a hot bath which was just lovely and warmed me right though. Small came home and got on with homework until MrsPiano came. Smallest came home and did homework and I had some too. Maths! Arrrgggghhh. He has to have a home partner and he chose me because everyone else was busy. I think I did okay! Both boys did their piano lesson and then we had dinner.

Later Huffle took the boys to Cubs for pumpkin carving and Halloween silliness. Tonight Smallest should have done a gym practice, as a make up session from another week, but as he has another one on Thursday, we gave him the choice to do gym or Cubs and he chose Cubs. At the beginning of the Winter season for football, we specifically asked what days they would be so we could decide whether to sign him up for Cubs or not. It definitely wasn't going to be a Monday so we went for it. Then apparently the licence was pulled for one of the schools they were using as a gym practice and they moved several sessions to a Monday. So annoying!

While the boys were pumpkining, I finished off a few little projects....

It's so tiny



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