Sunday, 29 October 2017

The quadruple

Ahhhhhh, a lie-in. No morning commitments. I had a nice shower and came downstairs and found Smallest had already made the pancake mixture all by himself using my recipe. The table was all set and fruit was being cut up. What a treat. I still had to make them but the hard work had been done. Clever boys.

After breakfast, Small went off to do homework. He had to do a newspaper report on something big in the air industry. Smallest and Huffle played FIFA and I sat and crocheted Smalls tie and watched Beauty and the Beast (the problem with having no girls in the house is that no-one will watch these films with me).

We watched the beginning of the Leicester game (yay the fourth win of the weekend and now Leicester are above Stoke Wahoooo). Early afternoon we went out for dinner and met up with OldCoach and MrsOldCoach and their two kids. It was our turn to host them and we felt it was an easier option for all to go out so we booked a table and invited them along. We were there for ages but it was nice and there was plenty of chat, plus we got the owner to put the game on the big TV next to our table.

Mid afternoon we popped to the supermarket and came home with a Strawberry and Rhubarb pie which we ate later in front of XFactor. While we waited for the pie, the smaller boys played FIFA and Huffle and I FaceTimed Grandma and Grandad.

Later we played Yahtzee (Smallest won).


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