Thursday, 12 October 2017


Such a lovely deep long sleep for me but not for Huffle. For some reason he kept waking up. Small woke me late and I had trouble opening my eyes. At least he helped me to make his lunch. Off he went to the bus and ten minutes later he text me to say that his bus hadn't turned up and what should he do. I checked the website (the one that is supposed to text me if there are any delays or cancellations!) and it said the bus was 20 minutes delayed. I texted him to say I would drive him and to wait there (thinking it would be better in case the bus did turn up in the meantime). As I was driving him to school, I soon learned that the bus had turned up while I was getting changed and he told it to leave as he was getting a lift. At no point did he think to get on the bus and text me to say 'not to worry it was there after all'. I was not pleased! I came home but Smallest had already left for school. No hugs, no kisses and no goodbye have a nice days! At least Grandma made sure he was on the bus safely. Thank you Grandma.

This morning Grandma, Grandad and I went off for a shopping expedition. First we drove to TheTire where we purchased new teeth for shortsaw and a filter for the furnace that doesn't fit plus various other bits which made me get a credit card due to the persistence of the credit card man. I also got a discount and vouchers etc. It took forever but it allowed Grandad some drooling time with the drills! When Grandma and I asked where the filters and teeth were, I had trouble explaining what I wanted so I improvised by miming a chainsaw. The lady who worked there was very amused and said she didn't know it was charades! Funny lady. The credit card man assisted me to the checkout and to my car and unpacked everything for me. Grandma thought he was going to drive me home ;)

Next we went To Grandads dentistoptician (this is the Plaza where he went into the dentist to ask if they could fix his glasses. Silly grandad). A plaza (might be wrong word) is a huge car park with shops all around it. I say huge because there are many many many spaces for parking and despite this, a lady (she weren't no lady!) tried to park her car where Grandma and I were walking by, driving at us in a diagonal fashion ridiculously fast. We looked at her and when she stopped and got out I shouted "oh you had to park in THAT spot there!?" YEAH said notlady. YEAH said we. YEAH said nolady again. Grandad was unaware of our plight but did think it was funny when we told him.

We met up with Grandad and went for refreshments before carrying on to a couple more shops and then driving to the Shwa for hinges for our rusting Vanity Unit. (Rusting already? Ridiculous). We popped to another Plaza on the way home and Grandma and I went into one shop while Grandad walked a hundred miles to the sports shop that wasn't there! Silly Grandad. Our last stop was the Garden Centre whe we lost him on the toilet. Actually he was drooling over some perennials outside and bought us a lovely Echinacea for Thanksgiving/Forgiving.

Grandma measuring an obelisk for us.

We came home and had a cup of tea which I had to take out as I had to pick up Small from Band Practice. Back home Grandma was making Fish Pie for dinner which was delicious. Small FaceTimed Moo briefly and then got on with homework.

This evening we spent far too long on technology trying to verify the kids being at school so we don't have to fill in forms anymore. Sometimes technology drives me crazy and we seem to go round and round in circles befire we get anywhere. I think we have sorted it all now thank goodness.


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